• Asharqia Chamber reviews the need to build the capacities of the Boards of Trustees for Endowments


    ​Asharqia Chamber reviews the need to build the capacities of the Boards of Trustees for Endowments

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Endowments Committee, organized a workshop entitled "Determining the Need to Build the Capacity of the Boards of Spectacles for Endowments" presented by Eng.Musa Al-Mousa, a member of the committee, is in the presence of several specialists and interested persons.

    Al-Mousa said during the workshop, which was held on Wednesday evening, March 23, 2022, that the growth of the endowment sector in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, and the Arab and Islamic world has become an urgent need for qualified and effective spectacles councils that are efficient in both knowledge and skills, noting that the sector suffers from the loss of several endowments due to weakness Its chiefs’ councils, given that the chiefs’ council represents a voluntary, elected or appointed group of individuals who have collective authority to set the endowment policy, supervise it and follow up its implementation.

    Al-Mousa pointed out that the effectiveness, skills, and attributes of the members of the glasses councils are linked to the success and failure of the endowment management, noting that the sector suffers from many challenges, the most prominent of which are: the lack of local and regional rehabilitation programs that depend on enhancing knowledge aspects and providing practical skills to the members of the glasses council, and the absence of assessing bodies. Performing the glasses councils and their members, preparing the necessary reports and consultations, and finding specialized advisors and coaches.

    The workshop concluded with many challenges facing the endowment sector, including the absence of legislation, poor qualification and leadership, failure to enter the realm of investment, and the transformation of endowments into a business organization, in addition to the absence of training for the next generation of the Council of Spectators and raising the level of qualification, integrating the female component in the council, and weak regulations Endowment Standards.​

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