• Asharqia Chamber renews the validity of ISO certificates at the level of its departments, branches and service centers


    ​Successfully renewed four quality standards

    Asharqia Chamber renews the validity of ISO certificates at the level of its departments, branches, and service centers​

    Asharqia Chamber succeeded in renewing the validity of all the quality system certificates approved by it, after fulfilling all the requirements related to updating its administrative and organizational systems and the system of services provided to its subscribers and beneficiaries, and it obtained the authority to renew the accreditation of Certificate of customer complaints ISO 2018: 10002 Guide Lines for Complaints Handling in Organizations, Quality Management System Certification, ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, Information Security Management System Certification, ISO 27001: 2013 Security Management System Information, and Business Continuity Certificate ISO 2012: 22301 Business Continuity.

    Asharqia Chamber was the first chamber of commerce in the Kingdom and the Middle East to obtain in 2009 the validity of the certification of quality systems and information security, and in 2011, in addition to its renewal of these two certificates, it obtained the validity of both the business continuity and customer complaints certificates

    The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi, said that obtaining the Chamber’s renewal of the validity of the ISO certificates, especially in light of the precautionary measures imposed by the Corona pandemic, confirms the solidity and durability of the room and its precedence in obtaining the quality standards that enabled it to practice its work despite the pandemic, In addition to the efficiency of its human cadres in positively dealing with challenges and their eagerness to achieve successes, whatever the circumstances, congratulating all members of the Board of Directors, the General Secretariat and the participants on the occasion of the Chamber obtaining the approval of these four certificates and granting them the power to renew them again.

    Al-Khalidi affirmed that achieving continuity in renewing the accreditation of ISO certificates supports the Chamber's ambitious goals to reach the ranks of international chambers, pointing out that the Chamber is striving towards implementing quality systems and updating its internal systems and service system to keep pace with the latest global developments, and that what qualified it to obtain these certificates and grant them validity Renewed successively, is its constant desire to work diligently and continuously to make these systems a tangible reality that all their customers feel.

    Al-Khalidi indicated that the Chamber has implemented all the requirements to ensure the continued validity of these certificates at the level of all its departments, branches and service centers, in terms of providing all the necessary needs and training human cadres, and that these results are a catalyst for more successes in the Chamber’s march to future horizons.​


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