• Asharqia Chamber organizes a meeting to review "Hadaf" programs and initiatives for health sector establishments


    ​Asharqia Chamber organizes a meeting to review "Hadaf" programs and initiatives for health sector establishments

    The Director of the Human Resources Development Fund Branch "Hadaf" in the Eastern Province Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Youssef emphasized the interaction of the business sector in the Eastern Region with the Fund's initiatives and its keenness to follow up its programs and achieve full benefit from them in a way that benefits all parties and contributes to raising the rates of Emiratisation in the labor market.

    Al-Youssef reviewed, during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Health Committee on Wednesday 30 December 2020, entitled "Hadaf" programs and initiatives for health sector facilities, and managed by the Committee's Chairman Saud bin Muhammad Al-Thumairi, services and programs and the fund directed to the health sector and said that the fund is based on a vision that emphasizes: "Resources a national human, initiative and productive, ”and a message that states:“ The development and development of national human resources through effective, high-impact initiatives that are provided in partnership with the main stakeholders of the labor market system. ”Therefore, the Fund’s activities are conducted according to a value system that is:“ Focus on results, excellence, transparency, Team spirit, speed of achievement, with a focus on the target customer.

    Al-Youssef explained that the fund's services and activities take place through 22 branches throughout the Kingdom, 49 rehabilitation centers, 7 of which work remotely, and 7 employment offices, 6 of which work in universities, all of which attract national cadres to vacate job opportunities in the labor market and hold employment meetings. And so on.

    Al-Youssef talked about the fund’s initiatives, including The National Labor Portal (Taqat), indicating that it is a comprehensive electronic platform for the labor market that brings together job seekers and business owners, and provides an opportunity to provide and exchange employment and training services efficiently and effectively to increase the stability and development of the workforce in the local labor market and contribute to presenting opportunities Fairly functional for everyone.

    He also referred to the National Observatory's initiative that aims to contribute to supporting decision-making and developing programs through accurate data, indicators, reports, and studies that reflect the reality of the labor market in the Kingdom, explaining that the observatory is implementing its activities through the fund's partnership with several government agencies.
    Al-Youssef said that the fund offers several various programs to support employment and training, to support researchers and job seekers in the private sector, most notably the fund bearing a percentage of the employee's wages through the employment support program.​​

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