• Asharqia Chamber organizes a meeting of pioneers of eastern entitled (How to achieve the competitive advantage of the project)


    ​Asharqia Chamber organizes a meeting of pioneers of eastern entitled (How to achieve the competitive advantage of the project)

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women Empowerment Center, organized a meeting with the leaders of Eastern entitled (How to achieve the competitive advantage of the project), in which the specialist in advertising and marketing communication, Manal Al-Osaimi, spoke about Porter's strategies to help determine the competitive advantage and how to create the advantage for the brand.

    Al-Osaimi explained that the competitive advantage is not limited to being material or immaterial, and it may stem from the user experience of any product, whether in terms of price, efficiency, or quality, and appear tangibly, such as intellectual property or customer service team, and competitive advantage may mean the ability of the facility to attract customers and build a position, Therefore, the competitive advantage does not focus on increasing and decreasing prices only.
    Al-Osaimi said during the meeting, which was held on Sunday evening, December 26, 2021, that the competitive advantage refers when talking about business to the factors or features that allow a company to produce services or products of higher quality or at more suitable prices than its competitors.
    Also talked about the possibility of Porter's strategies to determine the competitive advantage of your business, which depends on the lowest price, the difference in providing services and customization by choosing a market not served by large companies, focusing on excellence, and about the obstacles to competitive advantage, Al-Osaimi said that the brand's acquisition of competitive advantage is not easy, despite the importance of its existence, but there are several obstacles that may face the brand and limit its ability to gain a competitive position in the market, and these obstacles are internal and face the organization in its environment, such as: the absence of transparency with individuals within the organization, the absence of oversight within the organization, the weakness of the organizational structure, the absence of successful management and the inability to the institution is to provide information that helps in making decisions and not to keep pace with the latest developments in the field.​

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