• Asharqia Chamber organizes a dialogue meeting between the business sector in Abqaiq and government officials


    Under the patronage of the Governor of Abqaiq and the presence of business owners

    Asharqia Chamber organizes a dialogue meeting between the business sector in Abqaiq and government officials

    Announcing a new industrial plan in Abqaiq​

    Today, Thursday 27 February 2020, the Eastern Chamber organized, under the patronage of His Excellency the Governor of Abqaiq, Muhammed bin Saud Al-Muhtami, a meeting between the business sector of Abqaiq Governorate with government agencies, at the Municipal Theater.


    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber of Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi said in an opening speech that the economic transformation that the Kingdom is experiencing now, and the structural reforms it contains ambitious and comprehensive visions, and the continuation of balanced spending policies efficiently and effectively, the latest qualitative shift in the size and diversity of the quantity and quality of development projects, What led to the growth of investment opportunities in front of local capital in all regions and governorates, including the Abqaiq Governorate and the promising investment prospects in many commercial, industrial and service areas.
    Al-Khalidi stressed that the meeting comes within the Chamber’s pillars and main goals by working to support the economic movement in the region and contribute to developing the investment environment for all its governorates. He continued by saying: We are trying to shed light on this governorate with what it possesses and what it has of a diversified investment map that qualifies it. To be a wide space for projects and programs of added value to the national economy.

     Al-Khalidi said: We are looking forward to the state of continuous growth and development in various parts of the Kingdom, and those promising investment prospects in the Abqaiq governorate, which we are trying to monitor, research and address their challenges in this vital meeting, which is held for the first time, to achieve the goals set for it, which is disclosure of what these contain Preserving several investment opportunities, and together we find the best ways to take advantage of its ingredients.​

    Undersecretary of the Secretary for Investments and Revenue Development of the Eastern Province Municipality, Engineer Munther Bin Naji Al-Shalawi, stressed during the meeting that was administered by a member of the Board of Directors Saadoun bin Khaled Al-Khaldi that the investment opportunities in the province of Abqaiq are continuous and continuous, noting that the secretariat has adopted an industrial plan in the province, noting that this is an investment opportunity Distinctive for the business sector, explaining that the Secretariat continuously presents various investment opportunities such as shops, women's centers, and many others.

     Al-Shalawi said that the Kingdom in general and the eastern region, in particular, are on the verge of a huge urban boom, and the Secretariat seeks to keep pace with this boom by offering various investment opportunities that the investor can take advantage of​.

    Al-Shalawi indicated that the secretariat benefits from all the initiatives and proposals that are received through the website, as it is subject to study in a special section of studies, and from which these proposals are answered within a week.

    For this part, Director General of the Ministry of Commerce Branch in the Eastern Region, Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al-Khaldi, stated that the ministry is working to transfer all its services as well as the services associated with the ministry, which is related to other parties, indicating that 90 percent of the services of the Ministry of Commerce has become electronic, after updating several services and development Other services complained of some difficulties.​

    Al-Khaldi said that the services of extracting the commercial registry and various other services have become easy and easy, especially what is related to services with the relevant departments and the authorities that are related to the services of the Ministry of Commerce, indicating that the ministry has participatory initiatives with a number of companies where we receive ideas and notes that seek to develop services and we are studying and developing them To be prepared for implementation, just as the Ministry is communicating with major companies with a view to tackling challenges and facilitating difficulties, as we are working to make commercial activities homogeneous in partnership with the private sector​.
    The assistant director-general of the labor sector in the branch of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Eastern Region, Muhammad bin Ahmed Al-Atrash, said that the ministry is continuously communicating with decision-makers in major companies with a view to working to localize jobs and that the ministry will sign memoranda of understanding to adapt projects in a way that suits corporate contractors The other one soon.

    During Al-Atrash, the Ministry’s branch discussed with the Abqaiq Labor Office a mechanism for communicating with Saudi Aramco in order to localize jobs within the framework of serving national cadres, indicating that the branch is working on contracting partnerships with the private sector with a view to localizing jobs.​

    On this part, the General Manager of the Zakat and Income Authority Branch in the Eastern Region, Saleh bin Hamad Al Hammad, explained that the services of the Authority have become electronic, confirming that the taxpayer can from any location where he can end all services through electronic services and that the Authority provides other services that explain to the taxpayer any information related to A procedure that he needs through telephone communication, as a professional staff provides the sound information needed by the taxpayer.

    Al-Hammad said that there are galleries that receive the taxpayers in any region to provide all the services they need and facilitate their tasks and that the authority’s website is subject to continuous challenges, noting that the authority is updating procedures related to payment and obtaining returns​.

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