• Asharqia Chamber organized an awareness lecture on "the dangers of Coronavirus for breast cancer patients"


    Asharqia Chamber organized an awareness lecture on "the dangers of Coronavirus for breast cancer patients"​

    The deputy head of the radiology department at the Eye Specialist Hospital in Dhahran, Dr. Andira bint Muhammad Bukhamseen, said that a cancer patient needs double care in these times after the spread of the Corona pandemic, which causes weakening of the patient's immunity in general, noting that the person with cancer is basically immunocompromised, so we must protect him from infection with the Coronavirus.​

    Bukhamseen explained during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Business Women Center on Monday evening October 12, 2020, entitled "The risks of the Coronavirus on breast cancer patients", that Covid-19 disease is an infectious disease, which was discovered from the Coronavirus strain. There was no knowledge of the existence of this new virus and its disease before the start of its outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Covid-19 has turned into a pandemic affecting many countries of the world, and it is easy for the patient to be a cancer patient, especially since the infected people share weakness Immunity, which is the main reason for the entry of Corona disease into their bodies.​

    ​​Bukhamseen indicated that cancer is a disease that affects cells, which are considered the basic unit in building the body. Our bodies create new cells continuously until the growth process takes place, and the dead cells are replaced, or to treat damaged cells after injury, noting that certain genes control this process. Then, cancer disease occurs as a result of damage to those genes that usually affects a person in his life.

    Bukhamseen indicated that the prevalence of breast cancer among women in the Kingdom has reached 14%. Among one hundred thousand women, 25% of cases may reach the doctor in the fourth case, which is the stage of spread, and the cases of recovery from breast cancer exceed 95% if the tumor is still in its early stages and the delay in detection may drop to 25%.
    Bukhamseen said that breast cancer ranks first in comparison to all tumors that affect women, as there are approximately 800 cases of breast cancer diagnosed annually in the Kingdom according to the statistics of the National Cancer Registry, and the most affected areas in the Eastern Province, Makkah, and Riyadh.​​

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