• Asharqia Chamber offers a remote lecture to introduce the (Sobol) portal for professional guidance and education


    ​​In cooperation with the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf)​

    Asharqia Chamber offers a remote lecture to introduce the (Sobol) portal for professional guidance and education​

    On the day before yesterday, Wednesday, August 12, 2020, the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Employment Center, in cooperation with the Human Resources Fund (Hadaf), presented a remote lecture by Professor Thani Al-Thani, the Employment Counselor at the Human Resources Fund, to young men and women from secondary or university students, job seekers or employees to introduce the (Sobol) portal for professional counseling and education and its role in how to define tendencies and choose the appropriate academic and professional specializations, which enables them to identify their personal capabilities and preferences, and to introduce them to the world of entrepreneurship and labor market developments.

    This introductory lecture comes as part of a series of lectures presented by the Asharqia Chamber of Employment Center for the business community to educate about initiatives that serve the sector and to discuss directly with officials about any questions or inquiries they have.​

    The second said that the (Sobol) portal is an electronic platform for vocational education and guidance that provides about 31 services, and five main axes fall under it: The future and provides updated information about it, the career path axis, which reviews career paths for each profession and its requirements, the disciplines axis, which displays all disciplines and scientific fields and provides information for each specialty and field, and finally the career counseling tools axis, which provides experts in career counseling over the phone to help understand the variables and requirements of the labor market), pointing out that it is a platform upon which professional education and guidance activities are based for all target groups to help them achieve academic and professional stability and to provide valuable and interactive content and information on the labor market to help all target groups make sound decisions regarding their educational and career paths.​

    The second indicated that (Sobol) was launched in order to raise the level of knowledge of the self-inclinations and capabilities of the beneficiaries and link them to all specializations and professions and their paths and the needs of the labor market, and to support the beneficiaries with the skills of planning their career paths that are consistent with their personal aspirations and the needs of the labor market, as well as to contribute to raising the level of job satisfaction and stability. And improving the mental image of work culture and its importance, and building an information base to help users choose the appropriate profession, saying that (the portal is a journey that provides a set of services that every student, job seeker, or employee can benefit from in determining his career or academic path.​

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