• Asharqia Chamber launches today the third of its training programs in preparation for 2016 Sanati


    ​         Asharqia Chamber launches on Monday the third training programs for participants for the Productive Families Exhibition, Sanati 2016,  the Chamber intends to launch in its second year, the middle of December and lasts five days, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz,  Prince of the Eastern region.
    The third training program aims to educate participants in the exhibition with the methods and proper presentation arts, as well as introducing a range of artistic ideas and innovative, simple and inexpensive suggestions about the idea of ​​preparing sections professionally.
    The Secretary General of
    Asharqia Chamber, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel stressed the importance of such preparatory programs, as they make the way easier for the launch of a distinctive second version of the Productive Families Exhibition (Sanati 2016), pointing that the Chamber continues to launch training programs related to the improvement, qualifying and progress of families skills, centers and associations participating in the exhibition.
    The group of programs implemented and sought by the
    Chamber is focusing on the  , according to Al Wabel, to give participants the basic principlesof establishing projects, and explaining the latest marketing methods and their role in the success of the project, also the definition of how to use social media, and how to improve the brand identity, and the improvement of making marketing section, and finally focusing on ways to attract customers and the latest arts of convincing.
     Al Wabel pointed
     that the organization of the exhibition takes place as the Chamber continuous effort of supporting  projects, programs and events that cope with the national efforts to improve the sector signs of growth, to add value to the national economy, the productive families sector plays a major role in reducing unemployment, and reducing the demand for government jobs, in addition to its role in the reduction of poverty of these families and transfering them from just recipients families to productive families.
     Al Wabel considered that this year exhibition will be a direct window and the most effective towards the organization and improvement of the productive families in the eastern region and the marketing of their products, according to international standards, noting that the chamber will continue its efforts towards the improvement of the productive families to give them the necessary skills professionally and administratively and marketing, so they can depend on themselves and have a sustainable source of income.

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