• Asharqia Chamber launches the second national forum for the sustainability of family businesses in December


    ​Under the patronage of the Prince of the region and in cooperation with the National Center for Family Enterprises​

    Asharqia Chamber launches the second national forum for the sustainability of family businesses in December​

    Under the auspices of the Governor of the region, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, and in cooperation with the National Center for Family Enterprises, the Asharqia Chamber will launch, on December 13 and 14, the second national forum for the sustainability of family businesses, to complement its role in highlighting issues of sustainability, governance, and alternative financing solutions. for family businesses and the most prominent developments in the family business at the local and international levels, and it will be attended by a group of international and local experts specializing in governance, financing, and sustainability of family businesses.

    The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Ruzaiza, said that the forum comes at a time when the government is making great efforts to support the paths of sustainability of family businesses because this business occupies a vast space in the national economy, and its capabilities to absorb many labor forces, so it was A major item within the new corporate system, which in turn provided comprehensive treatment for the challenges it faces and is reflected in many benefits on its sustainability in the Kingdom.

    Al-Ruzaiza explained that the forum would discuss, over two consecutive days, a set of topics of importance to governance and the transmission of leadership across generations, as well as alternative financing solutions for family businesses, the most prominent factors supporting business continuity and global developments regarding their conditions in light of the major changes taking place in the worldwide economy, and others. One of the issues related to family businesses.​

    Al-Ruzaiza pointed out the importance of the topic of the second national forum at the local and regional levels, and that it comes as a complement to what the Chamber constantly raises about family businesses and the importance of their sustainability, noting that it is a message that the Chamber is always keen to send to family business owners and their representatives on the importance of applying the rules and procedures of governance and what follows them. To achieve sustainability, which is the first goal of the family business.

    Al-Ruzaiza stressed that governance comes at the top of the most important factors for achieving sustainability in family businesses, which depends in large part on raising awareness and learning about successful family business experiences in achieving sustainability and its mechanisms and tools in achieving this goal, referring to the attention the Chamber has given in In this regard, it launched a “family” newsletter, which is a specialized publication in family businesses, as well as its launch of advisory programs in cooperation with major export houses, such as the family business consulting program, which means supporting and guiding owners and representatives of family businesses in the region with governance applications and optimal procedures to reach sustainability.​​

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