• Asharqia Chamber is preparing to organize the electronic applications exhibition in March 2020


    ​After the success of the first edition of the exhibition, and allocating financial prizes to the distinguished

    Asharqia Chamber is preparing to organize the electronic applications exhibition in March 2020

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Center, is preparing to organize an electronic applications exhibition that will be hosted by the Chamber’s headquarters during the period from 16-18 March 2020.​

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi said that the success of the first edition of the exhibition organized by the Chamber last year 2019 motivated us to continue organizing the exhibition for the second year in a row, noting the large volume of requests for participation, and also what the exhibition contained ideas and initiatives that are in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030, and contribute to raising the performance of the local market and providing new in the electronics field​.

    Al-Khaldi said that the electronic development in the world and keeping pace with this development are the latest changes in the local market, pointing out that the market has changed according to new data and people's interests, stressing that all behaviors have been forced to change, and we have noticed that major companies are keeping pace with this trend and providing their services and products through electronic applications.

    Al-Khaldi explained that the exhibition holds several goals, including providing an opportunity for owners of electronic applications and designers and programmers of applications to display their work, creating a stimulating environment for entrepreneurs in the field of electronic applications, and offering investment opportunities for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to investors, business expansion and spread through electronic applications, indicating that the exhibition It targets pioneers and women entrepreneurs, owners of electronic applications, application programmers, and interested in electronic commerce and applications, so that the exhibition targets 50 distinct electronic applications, and the Chamber has allocated financial prizes for the ten best applications Participation in the exhibition are selected by a specialized committee in electronic applications according to specific criteria​.

    ​In order to accept the participation, the applicant must be a Saudi or Gulf national, and has a general secondary certificate as a minimum, and that the application works and is effective, and works on all electronic systems (Android-Apple store -website). It also provides payment options in the application, while providing a service Customers through the instant chat and call center, and allows the Arabic and English languages, the number of users, and the name of the application to be clear.​

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