• Asharqia Chamber is organizing a training program on an effective glasses council that achieves governance


    Asharqia Chamber is organizing a training program on an effective glasses council that achieves governance

     Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Endowments Committee, organized, on Sunday, September 20, 2020, a training program entitled (Towards an Effective Glasses Council that Achieves Governance), presented by a member of the committee, Eng. Musa bin Muhammad Al-Musa, targeting boards of directors and glasses for public and private endowments, and how to activate their role, improve their performance and develop the work of its leaders, the implementation of the endowment strategy, and the liberalization of the roles of its committees and departments in the areas of auditing, investment, and control.

    Al-Mousa said that the endowment sector in the Kingdom and the Arab and Islamic world still needs qualified and effective supervisory boards that are competent in terms of knowledge and skills, especially since the weakness of the supervisory boards led to the loss of the endowment in many cases, confirming the existence of a direct link between the effectiveness and skills And the characteristics of the members of the board of directors, and between the success or failure of the endowments, the more skills and effectiveness of the members of the endowment board, the more that the endowment gives more growth and prosperity, and thus continuity and sustainability as the main goal that the endowment aspires to.

    Al-Mousa stressed the role that governance can play in achieving an effective and influential board of directors, pointing out that governance is primarily responsible for organizing the relationship between the board and the supervising authorities, the council, its members, its committees, and the executive management, and said: Governance achieves two things, namely the soundness of decisions and financial safety, being It confers on the waqf transparency, compliance and independence of the Council in its decisions and carrying out its roles.

    Al-Mousa pointed out that there is a lack of local and regional rehabilitative programs that depend on enhancing the knowledge aspects and providing scientific skills to the members of the board of directors, pointing out that the responsibilities of the glasses council are the same in all endowments, so there is no difference between a small or large endowment, but they may vary in level and method The performance of the glasses' councils and their members from one endowment to another, as a result of many factors such as membership numbers, the size of the budget, the number of employees, the newness of the endowment or its age, confirming that there is no ideal model for the size or formation of the glasses council suitable for all circumstances, while there are certain forms, policies, and practices that are better Other.

    Al-Mousa explained that the head of the board of directors is the primary person responsible for the endowment unit, as he is the symbol of the council, its spokesperson, the catalyst, and its main supporter, and represents the main link with those outside the endowment from government agencies and others, as well as with the members of the board of directors, who represent great importance in The effectiveness of the supervisory board is that they provide expertise in the areas of developing financial resources and technical assistance in preparing the budget and aspects related to financial management, as well as contributing to the provision of funding or assistance in obtaining it, and participating in committees and reviewing decisions, plans and policies.

    Al-Mousa talked about the types of committees and assignments in the Presidency Council and how to build the agenda and prepare the Board’s minutes, as well as the most prominent roles of the Presidency Council, which he embodied in four basic roles, such as planning and developing growth and sustainability, control and accountability, control and direction, and finally follow-up, as well as about monitoring executive performance whether In the principals or executive management boards, explaining the nature, quality and paths of the sound relationship between members of the Presidency Council and the Executive Management, stressing the importance of qualifying members for themselves in the Presiding Officers Board, by ensuring the preparation of the endowment document, the rules of governance, communication and inquiries, and preparing the file of achievements for the endowment and the minutes of previous board meetings, as well as holding an acquaintance meeting with the endowment and public governance​.

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