• Asharqia Chamber invites its subscribers to take advantage of its new initiatives "Taqdeer"


    ​It enables them to obtain offers, discounts, and privileges in several commercial sectors​

    Asharqia Chamber invites its subscribers to take advantage of its new initiatives "Taqdeer"​

    Asharqia Chamber called on the business sector in the region to benefit from the "Taqdeer" initiative that it recently launched under the slogan "Deserving of Appreciation", as part of its efforts to provide distinguished and high-quality services to its subscribers, employees and their families.
    "Taqdeer​" for the members participating in it "for free" and their employees and families were able to obtain several offers, discounts, and privileges in several different commercial sectors, most notably the travel, tourism, accommodation, and car rental sectors.​
    The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khalidi, said that the initiative comes as a continuation of the Chamber's work to enhance the level of partnership and strengthen the bond between it and its subscribers and employees, and to provide them with distinguished and innovative services through programs and initiatives of a developmental nature that achieve its objectives by applying and spreading the culture of social responsibility among the business sectors in Region.
    Al-Khalidi went on to say: “Appreciation” expresses the extent of appreciation and gratitude of the Chamber to its subscribers and employees, who always interact with the Chamber’s activities and programs. They represent the Chamber’s primary goal to achieve leadership and excellence in taking care of their interests and meeting their needs in various fields, indicating that the room is always and ever To help its subscribers by working to follow-up, qualify them, and provide them with the programs and initiatives that enable their positive partnership in achieving the goals of growth and development.​​
    For this part, the Chamber's Secretary-General, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Wabel, said that the initiative allows the subscribing members and the Chamber’s employees and their families to obtain special discounts in several sectors such as hotels, resorts, airlines, as well as car rental, which can be viewed and controlled through the electronic services portal on the Chamber’s website Electronic, or through the subscriber's electronic card.
    Al-Wabel indicated that the Chamber will continue to present its vision and mission to be a sponsor of the business sector, a pioneer for sustainable development, distinguished by its performance and services, support and development of economic and development work for the business sector and work as a platform to enhance communication opportunities.​

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