• Asharqia Chamber implements 3 distinctive training programs in October


              Training center in Asharqia Chamber arranges this month (October 2016), three programs for men and ladies, discussing a number of important topics, connected to the private sector, and its requirements, which is through the Chamber is seeking  to raise the level of performance in the human figures in institutions.
    In the first program, which is to be held in October 23 2016 for men and women alike, titled (the modern Saudi Labor system and  the mechanism to apply it) over the four training days,  by 4 hours in the evening, the program which is held in "Intercontinental Al Jubail Industrial Hotel" is discussing a number of topics related to the new labor system, as it sheds the light on the major definitions and statements  in the new Saudi labor regulations and the most important legibility, including salary definition and the actual salary and its components of allowances and bonuses, advantages in kind and commissions, and the unified regulation for the organization and control of work and mechanisms applied by the ministry, in addition to employment contracts in both (the fixed and unfixed) and ministry contracts, and the causes of termination of these contracts and the annulment, separation, and the most important contents of the employment contract, most  prominently "the probationary period, the transfer agent and assigned, and jewelry appointment, and the contents of the of experience certificate and etc."
    The program that is targeting (managers, supervisors and employees in the human resources sector), in addition to those interested in the work system and graduates and students of specialized human resources, discussing all of the issues and the regulations by the Ministry of Labour, including the rights, duties and obligations of the employer and the actions resulting from it, and whoever represents him, and the rights and obligations of the worker toward the work owner, and mechanisms of employment of Saudis and the operations of training and improving the hiring plan, with identifying the special categories and excluded from the new Saudi labor system, and a look at the violation of the terms of employment and  emerging rights system for workers, such as working hours, official and regular, emergency and sickness holidays, and the regulations of the women in the new work system and violations of inspection and fines as a result. In this program, there will be discussing labor accounting system including salaries, allowances and discounts, commissions, bonuses and initiaties, and compensation paid as a result of a separation for illegal reasons, and rewards at the end of the regular service and resigning, the Service periods, the complicated and simple, the extra work and job sickness, maternity leave for women, and what is stated in the Regulation of irregularities and  the regulations of applying them.
    The second program which will be held on Sunday (OCT 23-2016) a program for men is titled (modern methods of management), in the aim of "qualification and sharpen the skills of the workers  hoping for  improving in the best modern way in administration", based on the latest international methods in the administration, so it is directed the categories of "business, and supervisors  managers at all levels and sectors, and the owners of the delayed projects hoping for success", as well as the ambitious categories and the desire in progress in   in administrative jobs.
    The program which will be held over five days by 4 hours a day each evening , a number of important topics in this regard, including the human resource management and its requirements and the identification of roles, responsibilities and forming the team and attract the best figures, improving  them and manage the differences between the team, as well as planning and management of work owners and the improvements of the effective strategies to ensure the success of the organization, management and development of the communications plan
    ,  planning and implementing and following the work schedule and dealing  with the critical activities, management and cost observation, the  mechanism to determine and classify and the effective strategies to face risks in the organization and observing them, and  determining certain aspects of contracts management, including types of contracts and best for the organization.
    At the end of the month of October 31, the Centre organizes training  program for women, titled (public relations Management) to women working in the public relations industry, and want to raise the level of their knowledge and skills in this field.. This program aims to "identify the nature and importance of public relations under the new international challenges, practicing the protocol and etiquette rules, and enabling  the  participants of the performance of the work in public relations efficiently and effectively.
    The program, which lasts for three training days by four hours in the evening  (from 5 pm until 9 pm), the difference between public relations and other tasks, activities, functions, duties of public relations, the international exhibitions and trade markets, visiting public figures, crisis management, dealing with the media, planning and programming, and the mechanism of social events and interviews.

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