• Asharqia Chamber holds a meeting about solid waste and its conversion from waste to treasure


    Asharqia Chamber holds a meeting about solid waste and its conversion from waste to treasure​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Environment Committee, and in cooperation with Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, held a lecture on Monday, December 21, 2020, on solid waste and the advantages of its recycling, titled (Solid waste from waste to treasure), in which the Associate Professor of Solid Waste Management spoke And the head of the Environmental Engineering Department at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Dr. Nawwaf bin Asim Balisi, and it was presented by the Chairman of the Environment Committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Professor Talal bin Sultan Al-Rasheed.​

    Balisi​ said that solid waste, although it is considered one of the environmental problems, especially as it contributes to polluting the environmental elements of soil, water, and air, and includes a wide range of wastes that differ in quantitative and qualitative terms from one country to another according to the population density, economic situation and standard of living. Treating it is a great wealth that all countries tend to recycle and provide the best treatments to be re-exploited.

    Balisi explained that the waste recycling sector represents a very good investment, as it is one of the sectors rich in investment opportunities and encouragement to go into work in it, and that there is a general trend currently to increase waste recycling projects, noting that the Kingdom produces about 13 million tons of municipal waste that is collected from sources no industrial-like homes, and that recycling it has many benefits, whether environmental, economic or social, stressing that solid waste is actually like a treasure if you work to recycle it according to sustainability principles.

    Balisi​ emphasized that the work on converting waste into a treasure is governed by many considerations related to the environmental, economic, and social value that are the main pillars of sustainability. He pointed out that the 2030 vision gave the recycling of waste great importance, so the Saudi Investment Company for Recycling was established within its framework. It is one of the companies wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund, as part of a strong strategy to improve the standards of recycling and development to properly manage waste, to reduce its quantities, recycling, and reuse, and providing technical solutions to treat and dispose of them, by employing modern technologies to deal with them, which makes the future of this sector promising In front of that government awareness of the need for solutions for recycling and thus many investment opportunities, as well as employment in front of the national workforce.​

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