• Asharqia Chamber holds Ramadan greetings for entrepreneurs at the beginning of the holy month


    ​In line with its annual practice of maintaining contact with the business sector, economic elites, officials of various bodies, institutions and the media sector, Asharqia Chamber holds annual Ramadan greetings to congratulate the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, which will be in the first week of the holy month in the main headquarter of the Chamber and its branches in Jubail, Qatif and Khafji.


    Meetings are held during the first week of the holy month, where the headquarter will host the first meeting on Wednesday evening, the third of Ramadan (08 May 2019).

    The next day (Thursday, 4th of Ramadan, 09 May 2019) will have by three similar meetings in the headquarter of the branches of the Chamber in the governorates of Jubail, Qatif and Khafji.

    A meeting of businesswomen will also be held at the headquarter of the Chamber, which will be held on the evening of the 8th of the holy month (13th May 13, 2019).

    All of these meetings will be held at 10 pm.


    The Chairman of the Chamber, Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, said that the Chamber was keen to establish these meetings in order to enhance the concept of communication with participants in all events.

    He pointed out that the holy month of Ramadan is an appropriate opportunity to hold such meetings with the most appropriate religious and social atmosphere.

    He stressed that all businessmen and businesswomen are members of a family with one group ties of religion and the homeland.

    Al-Khaldi said that Asharqia Chamber organizes Ramadan's meetings in order to create a constructive interaction that stems from the values of friendship and brotherhood between all parties in the economic center in the region, which positively contributes to the national economy and what it aspires to achieve in accordance with the Vision 2030.


    Al-Khaldi called on all participants, business people, interested parties and specialists to attend Ramadan networking meetings because of its importance to deepen the bonds of relations between all of them.​

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