• Asharqia Chamber discusses empowering the customer's integrated experience in the restaurants and cafes sector


    In a series of meetings in technology solutions

    Asharqia Chamber discusses empowering the customer's integrated experience in the restaurants and cafes sector​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Hospitality and Recreation Committee, discussed, within the series of technology solutions meetings in the restaurants and cafes sector, on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, through visual communication technology, ways to take advantage of the digital transformation to break down the barriers between customers in the restaurant and cafes sector, by achieving an integrated customer experience, The meeting was attended by Eng. Abdullah bin Hassan Al-Khaldi, Director of the Gulf Region at the Queen's Platform, and moderated by the member of the Chamber’s Hospitality and Recreation Committee, Engineer Nader bin Ismail Al-Qahtani.​

    Al-Khaldi said that there is an electronic gap between restaurants and customers, referring to the reduction of the customer’s journey in the purchase process and not others, despite the contents of this customer’s journey that include multiple stations that start with an interest, as the search passes through the recommendation of buying and then interacting, sharing and re-buying, noting the importance of understanding The owners of restaurants and cafes get to this trip well to know the nature and quality of their customers, so that the customer does not turn into a mere bill.​

    Al-Khaldi emphasized that the customer’s knowledge is the basis in building a strong relationship with customers and that the customer’s journey cannot be controlled without the digital transformation, pointing out that the digital transformation is the optimal investment of data in increasing productivity and building new bonding relationships with customers.

    Al-Khaldi explained that the digital transformation and the existence of a system that allows customer relationship management enables restaurant owners to get acquainted with the base of their real customers and their age and sexual classifications, male or female, and how many clients were attracted by advertising campaigns, as well as the rate of the bill for each customer, as well as the volume of sales for new customers compared The previous clients, the actual customer satisfaction rates and the extent of their evaluation of the branch, in addition to knowing the number of clients who visit the branch twice or more, and the rate of their return again.

    On the Queen's platform, Al-Khaldi said, it is an integrated platform for customer management, operating in a number of countries in the region and used by more than 1000 restaurants and the number of application users exceeded 500 thousand users. The platform focuses on the digital transformation side to build a motor that helps owners of restaurants and cafes to maintain their customers, and that They have a comprehensive view about customers to take care of them, noting that the platform starts from several steps that begin with collecting and analyzing marketing information to enable decision-makers in restaurants to identify customers who make up the largest proportion of sales, and thus improve marketing targeting, and then find an effective, accurate and easy growth tool And equipped with advanced tools for marketing, which allows the launch of measurable marketing campaigns directly linked to what customers spend and their dealings with restaurants and cafes.​

    There is also a tool for customer maintenance and a high-performance evaluation and review system that is able to address bad customer experiences and compensate them directly from the system, and finally, the so-called additional sales channel that receives customer requests through the restaurant's restaurant site and through the platform, whether for delivery Or receipt from the branch​.

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