• Asharqia Chamber continues to hold workshops remotely under the title of "Entrepreneurship series"


    Asharqia Chamber continues to hold workshops remotely under the title of "Entrepreneurship series"​

    Asharqia Chamber represented by the Center for Business Women continues to hold workshops remotely under the title of "Entrepreneurship series"​, discussing 5 main topics: exploring the world of entrepreneurship, the business model, transforming the model into a business plan, project presentation skills for the investor, e-commerce and digital marketing.​

    ​The workshops, which continue on different dates until the end of next September, are presented by Bandar Al-Junaidi, an accredited consultant, coach for entrepreneurship, and a member of the American Association of Certified Advisors AASBC in cooperation with Manal Al-Shammari, a coach in projects.​

    Within the work program for the workshops, on August 9, corresponding to the second topic (business model), important axes are discussed: What is a business, why is the business model diagram important, building the nine elements of the business model, and what is next to the business model.
    The workshops are continuing. On the 23rd of August, the third topic (Converting the Model into a Business Plan) will review the difference between the business model, the feasibility study, and the work pace, along with an important overview of the business model and its forms.​
    ​On September 13, the workshops will discuss the fourth topic (Project Presentation Skills to the Investor) that presents presentation and presentation skills and formulate attractive presentation content for the entrepreneurial project, and tips that will be taken into account when working on PowerPoint, and other important before considering the proposal to the investor.
    On September 27, the program concludes with the fifth topic (electronic commerce and digital marketing) through axes that talk about the concept of electronic commerce, important reasons for transforming the business into electronic commerce, the basics of electronic commerce and steps to start work, factors that help to succeed in electronic commerce, the advantages and importance of digital marketing, And digital marketing channels.
    The Chamber concluded the first topic of the workshops entitled (Exploring the Entrepreneurial World), which was launched at the end of last July and discussed several axes, the most important of which are: the concept of entrepreneurship and the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, how to invent an idea from the problem (design thinking) and establish projects in a graceful manner lean startup.​


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