• Asharqia Chamber concludes the program (accounting for non accountants) in its branch in Qatif


          The program which witnessed the of a distinctive participation aimes to introduce how the basic financial statements and the preparation of the budget production and income, and enhancing the participant understanding of the value of information and financial reports, and understanding financial rates and used in decision making, and providing participants with the necessary skills to use the accounting information to improve their abilities in decisionmaking.
    The importance of financial accounting is in the ability to understand financial statements, and to enhance the value, the trainee must have the ability to understand how to produce and use such information effectively and efficiently in the decision.
        The program also included the concepts and principles of financial accounting and its importance, and understand the accounting cycle, and the preparation of financial statements, in addition to the accounting informations and its role in the management process and understanding the importance of financial analysis and decision making, and  evaluating the investment decision making.
    The program targets the non accountant heads of departments and those whom their work is linked to their financial planning and planning budgets and financial accounting, also users of accounting information and financial reporting and the owners of small and medium institutions, managers and heads of departments and their deputies whom the nature of their work requires dealing with finance and accounting data.

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