• Asharqia Chamber concludes "Jobs 2022" by attracting about 22,000 job applicants


    ​It was sponsored by the Prince of the Eastern Province and provided 5,000 jobs in 120 companies 

    Asharqia Chamber concludes "Jobs 2022" by attracting about 22,000 job applicants

    On Thursday, October 27, the Asharqia Chamber concluded the eighth edition of its employment fair “Jobs 2022 AD”, which was inaugurated by His Royal Highness, Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province, and provided about 5,000 jobs in 120 companies, and attracted nearly 22,000 young people. And young women in the eastern region in various professional and cognitive disciplines. 

    The exhibition, which witnessed a large turnout over four consecutive days, from male and female job seekers, and a remarkable presence from government and private agencies, officials and employment experts from various parties and those interested in the employment sector, was able to achieve its objectives by keeping pace with the state of a large expansion in the volume and diversity of business witnessed in the region in particular. And the Kingdom in general in the various sectors of the national economy, by providing a workforce of the people of the area enjoying a high and distinguished level of skill and productivity.

    A platform to support localization

    The Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Suleiman Al-Raziza, noted the success of the exhibition in keeping pace with the state of momentum witnessed by the national economy, and that it would provide the private sector with qualified Saudi cadres of young men and women in the region with high qualifications and diverse professional skills in all disciplines.​

    He pointed out that the exhibition was an opportunity for new graduates and experienced job seekers to market themselves, show their skills in front of the participating establishments, compete for the offered jobs as potential candidates to work for these establishments and support Emiratisation orientations.

    Al-Raziza pointed out that the exhibition constituted a platform on the ground for a direct meeting between job seekers and employment officials in various companies, as well as meeting with participants from specialists in the field of human resources, training, and rehabilitation to explore the services they provide, whether for participating establishments, visitors, or job seekers, young men and women of children The Eastern Region, pointing out that it has opened a wide field for talented people from the region who are looking for different job opportunities through which they highlight their energy, achieve their aspirations and support the renaissance and development options for the region and the country.

    Dedicate a day for young women
    Yesterday, Thursday, the exhibition witnessed the reception of female job applicants who competed for a wide range of jobs offered in several administrative and technical fields, which were presented by more than 70 companies inside the exhibition and aimed at attracting the expertise and competencies of women. A full day has been allocated for female job seekers, as the demand by companies to hire qualified women is increasing, and on the other hand, the steady increase by those wishing to obtain a job opportunity, noting that the national women's forces have become influential and effective in the local labor market and are proving day after day. Its ability to work and produce in all disciplines. 

    Distinguished participation from all sides 
    The exhibition had the participation of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, the Human Resources Development Fund "Hadaf" and the SABIC Initiative to Empower the Kingdom's Vision 2030, as well as the city of "NEOM", which participated in the exhibition as a strategic partner through a major platform that welcomed many young men and women wishing to work to participate in the exhibition. Its giant projects, such as The Line City, Oxagon, and Trogina, as well as Saudi Aramco, which participated in more than one exhibition platform as well as its contractors, and provided jobs in its various operational activities, and other multidisciplinary companies in sectors such as oil and gas, construction, construction, and technology. And technology, as well as industry, sales, administrative and accounting work, medical and agricultural services, which provided a large package of diverse jobs, as well as leading international companies serving a wide range of construction and oil fields, who participated in the first time in the exhibition and wished to attract cadres from the people of the Eastern Province.
    The added value within the company
    Employment officials in the exhibiting companies described the exhibition as an important opportunity to attract qualified human resources in the various sectors in which they work, and that the elements interviewed or selected, whether young men or women are distinguished by the diversity of their skills and their ability to create added value within companies, stressing that These people will receive a great deal of training and rehabilitation during the coming period to adapt to the nature of the company's work, and then support its existing and plans and objectives, expressing their thanks to the Asharqia Chamber for the exhibition and their appreciation for the efforts that made the exhibition successful and benefit everyone, whether from job seekers or job providers.​

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