• Asharqia Chamber Employment Center supports the private sector with more than 1,600 qualified national cadres



    Asharqia Chamber Employment Center supports the private sector with more than 1,600 qualified national cadres​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Chamber’s Employment Center, achieved during the past year 2021 several achievements in terms of supporting Emiratisation in the private sector, by playing the role of mediator between job seekers and institutions looking for qualified national competencies.​

    In this regard, according to the report issued by the Center for the period (from 01/October/2021AD until 31/December/2021), the Center, through the employment website or job interviews, contributed to the recruitment of 1630 male and female job seekers.​

    The center, through its website and employment meetings during the mentioned period, witnessed the registration of 10,707 male and female work students from various disciplines and levels, while the number of establishments that benefited from the center's services during the mentioned period amounted to (51 facilities), as the center provided all the required information about Job seekers through employment meetings held in the chamber or through direct interaction with the center’s website and then communicate with job seekers according to specialization.

    In this regard, 625 various jobs were offered during the same period (of which 80 jobs were offered from two job meetings organized by the Center during the mentioned period).
    It is noteworthy that the Asharqia Chamber Employment Center was established in 2006 as a specialized center that provides professional employment services, and meets the needs of the business sector of qualified national competencies of both sexes, using the best and latest advanced technologies in this field and according to the highest levels and professional standards. The center specializes in employing qualified national cadres from Holders of pre-secondary certificate degrees: (diploma, bachelor's, master's, doctorate) in all engineering, administrative and technical disciplines that are compatible with the requirements and needs of the business sector.
    The center provides many services, in addition to the employment service through (e-recruitment, job interviews, and the annual job fair), including (consulting services) for institutions, and (vocational guidance) for job seekers.​

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