• An invitation to make a social investment within the foundations of companies and supported by a portion of their profits


    In a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber yesterday​

    An invitation to make a social investment within the foundations of companies and supported by a portion of their profits​

    Social investment can provide a​​ solution while providing sustainability

    The consumer is smart and has a sense of distinguishing between pure profit companies and their peers serving society

    ​Director-General of the sustainability program in the Saudi Telecom Company, Maha Bint Sulaiman Al-Nuhait, called to the importance of companies adopting the principle of social investment, and to be within the basic principles of the company, and it is not necessarily that this is through allocating a department concerned in this regard, but a percentage can be allocated (1-2) %) Of profits for this purpose, as this results in a lot of positive results for the company, including winning the sympathy of the community with it, because the consumer is smart and has the ability to distinguish.

    This came during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Young Business Council, within the "Partners of Success" program yesterday (Monday 6/6/2020), and the dialogue was moderated by a member of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Chamber and founder of Adamex Company A. Al-Anoud bint Tawfiq Al-Rammah, as the ocean made clear that the concept of social investment is different nowadays than it was in the previous time, as it was carried out in a voluntary and charitable way, but now it is done in an organized institutional way, benefiting all groups of society, and has the status of developing solutions and sustainability.

    Within this scope, Al-Nujit said that the concept of social investment differs somewhat from the concept of social responsibility, which was within the Department of Public Relations or Marketing, as companies through them carry out volunteer activities such as helping needy families, caring for orphans, etc., and after the development of mentalities there began independent departments For social responsibility, it provides services with a sustainable characteristic. Instead of directing a certain amount of money to a needy family, this amount is invested in her sons or daughters so that they can spend on the family and adjust its financial status. Noting that if every company adopted this approach we would not have had social security And we did not have needy families .. calling for more ideas with a sustainable effect that puts our companies and our organization advanced in the field of social investment, as we hope that the day will come when there are no needy families, nor a young man who does not join a certain job​.

    She stated that social investment in this formula can serve many groups of society, such as people with disabilities and people of unknown descent, orphans and others .. Emphasizing the importance of specializing in investment, because the institution that operates in the health activity provides health services to groups that need this service, as well as training and educational institutions, Can provide training programs that benefit groups that lack this need.

    She noted that social investment can be included in the marketing mechanisms, so any institution can produce a promotional film about its activity and distribute it in one way or another, but the marketing purpose is better achieved if the institution provides a training course under its care, the marketing here is more informative and influential, especially if We learned that society sympathizes many companies that have such efforts, more than it sympathizes with those looking for profit only .. indicating that global companies were exposed to the risk of bankruptcy and the savior had a role in society, which benefited her at the time of its crisis, as society sympathized with it​.

    She stressed that one of the most prominent areas of social investment at the present time is that companies play towards their employees, and it is not proper to have a prominent role abroad, while the employees suffer from a non-positive situation.

    She emphasized that social responsibility is not only the responsibility of large companies, not even small and medium enterprises, but rather starts from the individual who can provide a service to his community through which he contributes to solving a specific problem, or support a specific skill, the results of which are of a sustainable nature​.
    She pointed out that the social support programs of companies are almost more and more distinctive than association programs for the simple reason that the company has more potential than the association, but this matter, of course, does not apply to large associations with huge potential.

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