• An environmental expert monitors "violations" and calls for scientific dealing with industrial "wastees


    ​An environmental expert monitors "violations" and calls for scientific dealing with industrial "wastes"

    ​A local environmental expert stressed the importance of environmental awareness in factories, and what this requires from dealing with industrial waste scientifically and practically, and following the requirements and standards stipulated in the General Environment Law and its executive regulations on air quality, environment, and public health, and periodic maintenance of production lines to reduce pollution in all its forms noise, water, and others.

    In an evening organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Social Responsibility Center on Wednesday evening, October 6, 2021, under the title (The Role of the Environment in Industrial Development), the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Environment Association, environmental advisor, Talal bin Sultan Al-Rasheed, said that several definitions of the environment, most notably the space in which several elements interact These elements include (water, air, soil, and finally the living organisms themselves), which in turn affect the living organism. Animal, plant), industrial environment: which is man-made (cities, farms, factories, etc.), and social environment: a set of laws that govern the internal relations of individuals as well as social bodies and institutions.

    Regarding the “industrial environment,” Al-Rasheed said that it is defined as any change that occurs to the natural environment (whether physical, chemical, or biological changes) as a result of human activity, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, which leads to its transformation into a new artificial environment, such as changes that occur in air, water or Soil, any artificial change that occurs to the components, quality or nature of the air, water or soil environment, transforming it into a new environment (i.e. an artificial environment) other than the original or natural environment, stressing that man has transformed most of the natural environments into industrial environments.

    Within this talk, he stressed the need to protect the environment, as it is one of the important matters to which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia devotes great attention, by applying the concept of sustainable development in various fields, to achieve a clean environment and sound health. Expressing his regret that as a result of technological and industrial progress, especially the huge boom in many and varied new industries, that were developed in the second half of the twentieth century, this industrial diversity resulted in environmental pollution, which means a change in the environment that surrounds living organisms by the action of man and his daily activities, which It led to the emergence of materials that do not fit with the place or space in which the organism lives and thus leads to its imbalance, which comes to several types, including air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and waste pollution, the most important of which is an industrial waste under containing residues and materials harmful to the environment such as chemicals and heavy metals.

    Al-Rasheed said: “Industrial waste must be dealt with properly, as unconscious handling of this waste may cause many damages: In the short term: such as the spread of unpleasant odors, fires and fires, and some waste forms a fertile environment for the spread of insects and the proliferation of microbes and the resulting damages. In the long term: the effects may appear in soil pollution, which in turn affects the vegetation cover, and 2- Groundwater pollution and thus its access to humans when used, and the migration of living organisms in the area of these wastes and possibly their elimination or extinction.​

    Al-Rasheed called for serious work to spread environmental awareness among the various members of society and institutions, especially industrial activities, as the only solution to achieve the required compatibility, harmony, and balance between man and the environment. That is, environmental awareness is an important and necessary requirement at all levels in companies and factories, and environmental awareness ensures that every factory has a plan for safety and environmental protection to ensure the safety of workers, equipment, and all work in the factory, and this requires training workers in health, safety, and environmental protection courses. And to hire a workforce trained to follow occupational safety and health procedures, first aid, and more​.

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