• Alternative energy is an important option to preserve the environment and provide jobs for the next generation



    In a workshop of  Asharqia Chamber today:

              A workshop organized by Asharqia Chamber on Monday (2/27/2016), stressed the importance of maximizing the use of alternative energy sources, as an important option to preserve the environment, as well as being a sector investment and promising to provide thousands of jobs, and supports the activity of small and medium institutions.
    The workshop, which was headed by Chairman of the Environment Committee Talal Al Rasheed demanded the need to the legislation to motivate investment in renewable energy to put the Kingdom in the top ten in the production of alternative energy, as the local production does not exceed Zero Limits!
    Participants in the workshop discussed the cadres working in the renewable energy amounting to 8 million workers in the world, which urges for entering into this field to create jobs for young Saudis, Germany, for example, provided 300,000 jobs in this activity.
    Faris bin Nasser Al Harthi (energy engineer company Saudi Aramco) for clean energy (wind energy) said that renewable energy is a sustainable energy that comes from nature, such as sunlight and the movement of water, nature does not expire, and the Kingdom Vision 2030 will add about 9.5 GB watts of power from alternative sources, and allow for the settlement of this research and manufacturing to improve energy.
    He said that the current energy is depending on liquid fuels, involving environmental result of gas flaring damage, such as global warming and so on, while renewable energy has no effect on the heat, and there is no waste and gaseous emissions, thus the way by which to preserve the environment.
    Wind power, as an important alternative energy sources, where the kinetic energy generated from wind can turn into a source of electricity, with the average wind speed varies depending on time and place, and this is something that can be resolved putting measuring devices to choose the appropriate place to put (turbines) generation of wind movement.
    Among the environmental advantages of wind power, Al Harthi said that the areas that are placed as the fields of wind can be utilized for other purposes such as agriculture, grazing, and can be placed above the turbine buildings, therefore this is another advantage that does not take a range of its own geography.
    Al Harthi said that the possibility of generating electricity and turn them into distinctive electrical network in the Kingdom, and can provide a huge amount of oil used to produce electricity is estimated at 18,600 barrels of oil a year through energy provided by pneumatic turbine and one. He explained that the Kingdom locations are one of the best areas for power generation of wind in the world, pointing that a single turbine can provide electricity for 200 homes in the summer and more than 500 homes in the winter.
    Regarding Saudi Aramco initiative in a project to raise the energy efficiency to take advantage of wind power, in the quaint area, because it is a flat area and the wind speed was high throughout the year.
    As for Dr. Fahd bin Ghalab Al Amri (Under the College of Engineering Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Imam Abdurrahman bin Faisal, Dammam) talked about solar energy, describing it as energy source in the ground, winds produced from high and low temperatures, the oil is composed of decomposition of organic materials by the heat of the sun.
    He said that the kingdom is located in the Sunbelt in the world, and can take advantage of the sun to generate electricity directly, or convert solar energy into thermal energy used in different purposes of the pre heating and water heating, as well as also cooling. He explained that the need to take advantage of the sun will make sure of its importance with the high cost of electric energy consumption according to the new tax. The kingdom is one of the country is a solar radiation which is itself one of the natural wealth that must be utilized in the development of the country with an estimated yearly between 2000 to 2450 kW / h per square meter.
    He pointed that the Kingdom is witnessing a rapid growth in electricity and water consumption of water with high population growth rate, according to government estimates, the expected demand for electricity will exceed 120 GW by 2030 unless the production of alternative energy applied and maintains energy sources, estimated the total demand for raw fuel for the production of energy, industry, transportation and water desalination will be up to 8.3 million barrels of oil equivalent by 2030. He explained that we are looking for the time being the equivalent of energy, and the rate of consumption increases every year, and if not we create alternative options such as solar and wind power will reach a time we can not export barrels and one of the oil, our country, and thankfully is rich in solar energy and we have to take advantage of this important source, in the provision of our needs from the heat and electricity is clean and safe alternative and does not cause any damage to the environment.

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