• Al-Shammari: Customs has presented initiatives aimed at developing and improving performance in the customs sector


    ​The Director-General of Jubail Customs during a meeting Tuesday in the Asharqia Chamber​​

    Al-Shammari: Customs has presented initiatives aimed at developing and improving performance in the customs sector​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Business Council in its branch in Jubail Governorate, organized a monthly Tuesday meeting for the business sector, which hosted the Director-General of Jubail Customs, Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Shammari, on Tuesday evening January 12, 2021, via the zoom platform.
    During the meeting, moderated by President of the Business Council Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Mishal, Al-Shammari reviewed several initiatives and facilities that support the business sector in Jubail, referring to the positive partnership with the business sector, which always aims to develop the working mechanism and improve performance in the customs and logistical sector.

    Al-Shammari said that, according to the Kingdom's Vision 2030, Customs has presented many initiatives aimed at supporting the logistical sector, the most prominent of which is: the Fasah initiative within 24 hours, in which the required and reliable data are submitted and archived through the Fasah platform, and received by customers of the electronic Fasah services Where it is dealt with quickly to become in the warehouses of businessmen as soon as possible.​

    Al-Shammari talked about the initiative to reduce documents for exports and imports, which reduced from about 12 documents to only two documents, namely the invoice and the policy, which contributed to facilitating the process of clearing goods and their access to warehouses in the business sector easily and easily, in addition to these initiatives, Customs adopted the project automating procedures The customs and disposal of paper transactions are done through the Fasah platform, where the data is archived by importers through customs brokers who archive the data automatically, and then it is received in a short time, after which the process of checking it properly begins, and all transactions and procedures related to clearance are finished.​

    Al-Shammari went on to say: that customs, and among the facilities, allowed the advance submission of data so that documents (invoice and policy) are delivered by importers and customers to customs brokers 72 hours before the ship's arrival, and this initiative is of great importance in the process of facilitating and facilitating the flow of consignments and ensuring their arrival to warehouses Customers faster, and also to spare the customer from paying floor fees in the port, in addition to the initiative to reduce the duration of the container’s stay in the port, which was up to 12 days, and the consequent responsibility of the customer for floor fees, which was reduced to 24 hours.
    Al-Shammari indicated that customs will continue to provide initiatives and facilities to the business sector, where everyone can provide services with high standards to the final beneficiary.​

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