• Al-Rashed: The continuation of the family business is based on an entrepreneurial thought


    ​During a meeting organized by the Young Entrepreneur Magazine within the Virtual Experience Program​

    Al-Rashed: The continuation of the family business is based on an entrepreneurial thought​

    Competition for leadership is the cause of the collapse of companies, and I do not recognize the centralization ... and the skills you learn in the field
    He advised male and female entrepreneurs to consider investing in the technology sector
    In the Shura Council, you have to understand people's concerns so that you know how to discuss them​.
    A member of the Shura Council, Mr. Abdul Rahman bin Rashid Al-Rashed, and the former Chairman of the Council of Saudi Chambers called on business leaders for more research and knowledge if they wanted to participate and influence decision-making, stressing that the continuation of the family business' business is based on the entrepreneurial thinking of the new generation.​
    Al-Rashed, who was a guest in the Asharqia Chamber as part of the hypothetical "My Experience" program, one of the Youth Business Council programs on the evening of Tuesday, September 8, 2020, during which he talked about the most prominent stations of his career and practical work, said that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and enthusiastic, and their love for change and development, through the implementation of their ideas that They contribute to the renewal of the mechanism of work in their family companies, but they lack experience in several arts, the most prominent of which is the art of communication and persuasion. If the entrepreneurs do not possess this art, they will not be able to convince the decision-makers of their ideas that may be of real value, indicating that the acquisition of these arts and skills comes from Practical experience outside the family.​

    Work culture
    In a talk about his beginnings, Al-Rashed stressed that he learned from his father the love of work and the concept of work culture and dealing with others and adherence to regulations, procedures and powers, and said: Our founding father planted in us a love of work and keenness to achieve success, as the successful person cares about the success of others and those around him in the work team, pointing out that It is better for the members of the commercial family to engage in work outside the family business, especially after the university level, until they learn skills that they may not be able to acquire in the family company, being the son of the family, and this view will always follow him and will have a negative impact on his personality first and on work secondly.
    Regarding his practical experience outside the family, Al-Rashed pointed out during the meeting, which was moderated by a member of the Business Youth Council, Saad Al-Muammar, to more than one practical experience that refined his personality and gave him various skills, but the real practical experience in which he tested all the skills that he acquired is the liquidation of companies, as his founding father entrusted in this work, although it was arduous in its details, but he learned a lot through it, and added new skills to his personality, including negotiation, respecting the opinion of others, approaching views and not being central to work.
    On the most important steps for the development and continuation of family businesses, Al-Rashed said that the continuation of companies depends on renewed members of the same family who love free work and are interested in developing work and establishing companies and mastering this according to a methodical method and a plan of action led by a flexible and empowered leader, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendliness between everyone and not surrender to feelings And emotion, pointing out that rivalries and competition for leadership are the first steps in the collapse of family businesses.​

    Asharqia Chamber

    In response to a question about the central administration, Al-Rashed said that it is not necessarily that centralization produces positive results, and it is better for everyone to carry out his duties and functions, and about his personal experience in the non-profit sector and public affairs represented in the Asharqia Chamber and the Council of Chambers in parallel with the private sector represented in the family business I did not work in a central way I was able to achieve success in both sectors, because I am a believer of the cards around me, and I would never prefer to work in a central position

    Al-Rashed talked about his passion and love for voluntary and non-profit work, referring to his work in the chambers of commerce (the Saudi Council of Chambers and the Asharqia Chamber) and said: I headed the Asharqia Chamber and I was 40 years old at the time, and it was an opportunity to work with senior businessmen in the Eastern Region and sit with them at one table and benefit from Their great experiences in personal and professional life, stressing that it is a rich experience aimed at developing work in it and discussing the aspirations and challenges of the business sector, but we went to more than that where we prepared studies in cooperation with expert houses and submitted them to ministers so that they are close to the business sector and seek his opinion when making decisions. Its results were satisfactory to all parties.

    Al-Rashed added: The Asharqia Chamber was known for its distinction and its diverse and effective activities, which attracted even the trade and official delegations visiting the Kingdom who were requesting that the room be their first destination.
    He said: During my presidency, I was keen to establish the Business Youth Council in the sense that there is a new generation coming from the business families, with its aspirations and ambitions, and the room must have contact with him to support him and benefit from his energies. Business is the first of its kind at the level of Saudi chambers, believing in the importance of empowering women in self-employment and their role in supporting the economic movement.
    Consultative Council
    Regarding his experience in the Saudi Shura Council, Al-Rashed described it as a rich experience that exceeded the limits of his experience in the non-profit voluntary sector represented by his work in the Saudi Chambers of Commerce, in the Shura Council you learn how to understand the concerns of people so that you know how to discuss them with all your colleagues in the council within the framework of the known boundaries.
    Al-Rashed concluded his meeting with the necessity for the business sector to have participation towards society, as he received support and assistance from him and he must return this favor to him so that God Almighty blesses his actions.
    At the end of the meeting, the President of the Asharqia Chamber, Mr. Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, praised the great roles that the chamber witnessed during the tenure of Al-Rashed and his colleagues, members of the Board of Directors, and the Chairman of the Chamber’s Business Youth Council, Fahd Al-Faraj, stressed the continuous support that the Council finds from Al-Rashid.​

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