• Al-Nasser: A new program to finance small and medium-sized enterprises and a regulation for hotel licenses in front of the public within days


    ​During a remote meeting in the Asharqia Chamber

    Al-Nasser: A new program to finance small and medium-sized enterprises and a regulation for hotel licenses in front of the public within days​

    The investment advisor at the Ministry of Tourism, Abdul-Majeed bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Nasser, revealed that within days a new regulation for hotel licenses will be presented in general for taking opinions on it and that the Tourism Development Fund is launching a new program to finance small and medium enterprises, provided that it is available to benefit from its financing products in the first quarter of 2021 Noting that the fund has a special board of directors, which is responsible for approving financing operations that may exceed 50%.

    This came during the remote meeting held by the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Qatif Business Council, on the evening of Wednesday, November 11, 2020, on the national strategy for tourism, mechanisms for private sector cooperation in the ministry's projects, and the most prominent available and future investment opportunities. The meeting was moderated by the Vice President of the Qatif Business Council Asharqia room, Hisham bin Ali Al-Saif.
    Al-Nasser said that by 2030, the ministry aims to contribute 10% to the gross domestic product, to reach the number of tourist visits to about 100 million visitors, to provide about 1.6 million job opportunities, to support the local private sector, and to attract foreign direct investment, pointing out that the national strategy for tourism would Promote the tourism industry in its various vocabulary and develop it as a basic tributary of the national economy and a future source that enhances revenues.
    He pointed out that agricultural tourism is one of the most important tourist vocabularies, and that it is now subject to study from all branches of the ministry, and the Qatif Governorate will have an active and fundamental role in the agricultural tourism system in the Kingdom.
    Al-Nasser explained that the tourism road map 2030 AD is based on two main phases, the first continues until 2022 AD before launching the mega projects and comes under the title Discover Saudi Arabia, and the second phase starts from 2022 AD to 2030 AD and bears the title The Nest of the Saudi Experience, and indicated that the tourist sites were divided into 24 sites. Prominent, 38 sites with great potential and 500 complementary sites, these are additional sites of tourist interest and complete the tourism experience after visiting the prominent sites and sites of great potential.​

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