• Al-Mousa: Changing daily behaviors will drive e-commerce further after the Corona pandemic


    ​Within the success partners program in the Asharqia Chamber​

    Al-Mousa: Changing daily behaviors will drive e-commerce further after the Corona pandemic​

    The co-founder of the text company "Nass" for content industry Mr. Mohamed bin Abdulaziz Al-Mousa explained that the Corona pandemic crisis - despite its many damages - involves a number of opportunities that can be seized, especially in the areas of electronic commerce, developing personal skills, and starting projects, but the matter Requires specific tools, including audacity, attention, and more.​

    He said during the direct meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber (on Thursday 16/4/2020) represented by the Young Women Business Council within the "Partners of Success" program and managed by the Council Chairman Najlaa Al-Qadir, that the crisis affected more than two million people in 160 countries and the resulting damage is expected. It is natural for certain procedures to face the situation to appear and may lead to negative economic outcomes, but we - at the same time - find that reality witnesses many opportunities, some of which are good, appropriate and ready as well, some of which are present but difficult, and we must know that the large companies that we know have emerged In times of crisis similar to this one.​

    And on the available opportunities in such times, he said that the current time is an opportunity for those who want to start work and that the fields of work in electronic commerce is the fertile field that is the pillar of the future. The daily behavior of citizens depends on this type of trade, which is expected to continue more after the crisis, so the large area of work areas are accessible to the initiators​.

    He pointed out that the time of the crisis has also become an opportunity to develop areas of work through the home, such as sports training and distance work, and that those who study programming will find areas of work for them at the present and in the future as well, as well as the content makers will find tremendous opportunities at the present time not in the health field, but even in the entertainment and cultural fields.​

    He explained that every person can create an opportunity for himself if he possesses the necessary tools, then the opportunity may be favorable, but the owner is not ready, or does not have the necessary ingredients to monitor the opportunity and turn it into a reality .. indicating that seizing the opportunities needs boldness and attention, so many opportunities pass We have a certain confusion and spoke to us, so we need the skills to search for opportunities and then turn them into reality, and the most prominent of these skills is the transfer of ideas from the world of mind and thinking to something tangible, and then talking about and consulting about it, to take its place on the ground.

    He pointed out that the presence among those looking for opportunities is an important step in realizing opportunities and turning them into a tangible reality ... stressing the need to get away who are excessively pessimistic, and not to rely on those who are always optimistic about optimism, so there must be a balance in everything
    And on the main mistakes that the opportunity makers have is the lack of balance in seizing opportunities, some opportunities do not wait for the delay, and some do not accept speed and urgency, and this depends on the type of opportunities and the level of competition
    He stressed the need to read experiences, learn about world events, increase specialist knowledge, and not be embarrassed about asking for help from anyone and not wait for quick response to the request ... stressing the need to help others and achieve success through them​.

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