• Al-Khaldi: Asharqia Chamber is the ideal platform to promote the area as a distinct business destination


    ​More than 95 thousand subscribers in the Asharqia Chamber at the end of 2019

    Al-Khaldi: Asharqia Chamber is the ideal platform to promote the area as a distinct business destination​

    ​Asharqia Chamber held on Tuesday 3 March 2020  the works of the General Assembly for the past fiscal year 2019, during which the Chairman of the Board, Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, reviewed the Chamber’s achievements, various activities and services provided to more than 95 thousand affiliates of business owners, as well as a summary of the Chamber’s financial position, and the results of the financial year ending in December last year, operational and capital budget for the current year.

    Al-Khaldi said that the chamber was able to last year, through its commitment to its vision, and its eagerness to communicate its message and keep pace with the paths and directions of the vision of 2030 AD, to achieve a number of accomplishments; whether in the field of educational or service work, it was the ideal platform for Norway for the eastern region as a distinct destination for business, and assistance for its subscribers And others who want to work or invest by working to qualify them and provide them with programs that enable their positive partnership in achieving the goals of growth and development.

    Al-Khalidi pointed out that the year 2019 was indicative of the extent to which the Chamber was in keeping with its awareness of the interim benefits, during which it launched initiatives and programs that stimulate investment, and made investment opportunities and exploration a key axis in its goals, and was keen to include the investment and its subjects as a basic material on the table of dialogue and discussion in all its activities, In addition to creating investment committees, to discuss more proposals and ideas related to the diversification and increase in quantity and quality of investments, in line with the vision and its benefits.

    Al-Khaldi revealed that during the year 2019, the number of business committees and councils in the branches and executive councils of the Chamber reached 23 committees and business councils, they held about 401 activities that varied between 154 periodic meetings, 102 programs, lectures, and workshops, 134 visits, meetings and hosting 11 expanded meetings.
    Al-Khaldi indicated that the past year witnessed the preparation of the chamber for more than 60 studies, research and a specialized working paper, as well as the issuance of more than 25 products that included the state of commercial relations between the Kingdom and other countries, as well as submitted about 27 topics representing the Chamber's views on various topics and economic phenomena, as well as about 3900 information through the subscribers' database, 495 information through statistical databases, and 480 information through the exports and imports database.​

    In the field of legal services and consultations, Al-Khaldi said, the number of beneficiaries of legal consultations provided by the chamber's specialized staff reached about 461 beneficiaries, while the number of arbitration cases initiated by the chamber reached about 20 cases, of which 6 cases were completed, and the number of commercial disputes cases reached 22 cases that were completed 13 cases, while the number of registered and completed protest cases reached about 359 cases.
    Concerning the services of the Eastern Chamber Training Center, Al-Khaldi said that the number of beneficiaries of the center's services reached about 4118 male and female trainees last year, with a number of training days amounting to 333 days for 54 training activities.
    Al-Khalidi went on to say, to complete the resettlement support system, the Chamber worked during 2019 to continue the implementation of the national initiative to qualify and train job seekers with the kind patronage of His Highness the Governor of the Eastern Region, by 6 training programs over 18 training days that included 90 training hours, with a total of about 3200 beneficiaries. Also, The Chamber organized about 12 job meetings in cooperation with a number of establishments. The number of job seekers in it reached 2742 job applicants who applied to 965 jobs with the participation of 43 companies.
    Turning Khalidi in his speech to the Chamber of services directed to support women entrepreneurs in the region, noting that the Chamber of Business Women's Center was implemented during the year 2019 of about 69 programs and the effectiveness varied between lectures, seminars, and workshops, benefited, including 3,660 women, as 203 Center provided information service on all economic activities and about 105 consultation on small and medium enterprises, in addition to providing 9 specialized training programs to help entrepreneurs start their businesses on projects which benefited 313 women.
    At the conclusion of the association’s work, the price of Khalidi, the great support, from His Royal Highness, the Prince, Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of the Eastern Region, for all the Chamber’s outputs, and his constant eagerness to take care of the private sector and stand next to him, as well as His Royal Highness, Prince Ahmed bin Fahd Bin Salman, Deputy Governor of the Eastern Region, who has always shown positive interaction with the Chamber's initiatives and programs. He also thanked all parties and government departments and others, which have had outstanding contributions and clear imprints in many of the projects launched by the Chamber during the past year​.
    Al-Khalidi thanked His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Majed Al-Qasabi, for the Chamber's support for its programs and activities.​


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