• Al-Houti: The lack of information is the most prominent factor in failure in small and medium-sized enterprises


    ​Al-Houti: The lack of information is the most prominent factor in failure in small and medium-sized enterprises

    The counselor Abdullah bin Saeed Al-Houti emphasized the lack of information as one of the most prominent factors threatening small and medium-sized enterprises, among which there is a lack of planning and organization, and missed opportunities .. He noted that this reason was mentioned by a number of writers and international experts.​

    He said during a meeting entitled (Basics and Skills in Entrepreneurship) organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Center on Tuesday 11/24/2020 that some enterprises may suffer from lack of knowledge in general and lead to negative results, and the lack of knowledge may be centered on how to manage Operation of the project, or deficiencies in dealing with others, which may coincide with weak financing and money management, rapid growth without control, or lack of strategic planning.

    Al-Houti believes that among the factors that threaten small and medium-sized enterprises other than a lack of information - many, including weakness or lack of strategic planning, weak relations of solidarity with others, inability to face pressures, and imbalance of the entrepreneur himself, 

    He pointed out that the term entrepreneurship has several definitions, including “the process of creating a new type of organization with a qualitative bid,” or “the process of developing an existing enterprise and presenting it in an innovative manner by harnessing and seizing opportunities for development and quality,” except for the weakness of information and the consequences of that This goal is lost.
    He mentioned that entrepreneurship contributes to raising the material level, achieving job satisfaction, and supporting the local production of goods and services and that the entrepreneur has several responsibilities, most notably "the constant search for resources, promoting creativity, preserving talent, creating new opportunities, and using technology in production."
    And monitoring a number of the basics of entrepreneurship, including identifying the exact destination, paying attention to the exploitation of available resources, and being compatible with business needs.​

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