• Al-Duhailan: We look forward to the Eastern Province being an important center for the beauty and fashion industry


    ​During the expanded meeting of the women's workshops and centers in the Asharqia Chamber​

    Al-Duhailan: We look forward to the Eastern Province being an important center for the beauty and fashion industry​

    The head of the Women's Workshops and Beauty Centers Committee in the Asharqia Chamber, Shuaa Al-Duhailan, said that the sector of women's workshops and centers is going through a series of challenges, some of which are permanent, known and diagnosed for a long time, and some of them came with the Corona pandemic .. calling on the owners of these concerns and centers to communicate and coordinate because the challenges are common and almost the same.

    Al-Duhailan said during the expanded meeting of women's work and beauty centers which was held on Wednesday, December 16, 2020, that the committee bore the responsibility of monitoring these challenges and presenting proposals for realistic solutions to them, because these challenges are not concerned with a center or operator without another, but rather include the whole sector because they are almost similar to a great degree, and we cannot reach our projects to Examination and treatment method if we do not have a high degree of communication.

    She mentioned during the meeting, which was transmitted by visual communication, that the committee is striving to upgrade the beauty and fashion industry in the Eastern Region to be a distinguished center by creating a correct environment that contributes to promoting high professional craftsmanship, creative creativity, and sustainable development to qualify national cadres, highlighting the role of women as an effective contributor to the development of the eastern region's economy. In light of the values ​​and principles of our society.
    Speaking about the achievements of the committee, she stated that the committee has held several periodic meetings that discuss and study the problems and difficulties faced by businesswomen investing in the workshop sector and suggest appropriate solutions to them. Events and events are also being proposed to raise the level of awareness of businesswomen on economic aspects in addition to Submit proposals to increase the level of activity and reduce randomness​.

    She concluded by saying that the committee seeks to support businesswomen investing in the workshop sector through integration between government and private initiatives, and the Women's Workshops and Centers Committee arranges meetings, workshops, lectures, as well as various visits to achieve the goal it seeks​.

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