• Al-Bakri: The Kingdom's experience in dealing with "corona" should be studied for future generations


    In a meeting organized by the Logistics Committee of Asharqia​ Chamber:​

    Al-Bakri: The Kingdom's experience in dealing with "corona" should be studied for future generations​

    Huge developments on the levels of electronic commerce and technical transformation The post-crisis situation will not be the same as before and this is the evidence.

    The crisis has taught us the need for preparedness and support the national industry.

    The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Postal and Logistical Services Eng. Khaled Al-Bakri stressed that the post-crisis situation in the Krona virus will not be in the pre-crisis situation, especially in the field of technology transformation in various economic activities. All the initiatives that we expect to take are a time period measured in years launched in For weeks, the Saudi experience in this regard will be "the story of an experience to be told for future generations."

    This came during the meeting, which was organized over the air logistics committee of ASharqia Chamber moderated its dialogue committee member Othman Al-Zahrani, focused on "the future of the logistics sector in the Kingdom and the challenges of the Corona crisis," he said that the conditions were a surprise, but the official reaction to Saudi Arabia was quick decisions proactive initiatives of digital transformation Led by His Excellency the Minister of Communications and Information Technology His Excellency Eng. Abdullah Al-Sawah​.

    Avoided a lot of problems and made us reap many results, and prompted us to work on that benefiting from the crisis to be more powerful and coherent, because under these circumstances we did not feel harm, and the services were not disrupted, everything is available, and it is sufficient for example to start the e-commerce Significantly, community services applications and platforms were launched, connecting service providers and beneficiaries, and opening doors for many job opportunities that were at the event level.

    In this regard, he stated that we, as citizens, are present in our homes, but there are elements and representatives of government agencies that watch over our comforts, such as security men and health men, and other sectors work with them, including logistics support personnel in delivery platforms, and others who have contributed to the safety of life and continued harmony without the feeling of inferiority in any field.

    Accordingly, he expressed optimism for the future, especially in the field of technical transformation and the entry of industrial intelligence, which was initiated quickly by some government institutions and private companies, which confirms that the post-pandemic situation will not be the same as before, especially as the Kingdom is one of the leading countries in these areas Confirming that companies that do not interact with the new situation can disappear and exit the market.

    Based on the successes achieved, which will be achieved, Al-Bakri pointed out that the crisis, despite the abnormal situation it caused, but made clear to everyone at the regional and international levels, the level of the Kingdom and the ability of the Kingdom to deal with crises, and we expect that the Saudi experience in this regard will be studied at the global level.

    He added that we will get out of the crisis in a stronger position, God willing, and we expect that within a few years we will achieve many accomplishments while acknowledging that there are some challenges that we will seek to improve.

    In an intervention by the head of Asharqia Chamber, Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, he said that we have the right to be proud of what has been achieved during this crisis, especially in terms of investment in the human element​.

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