• Al Ataishan: Saudi women are a major bet in the field of the national economy


        Preparing for the launch of the Fifth Economic Women Forum
           The head of the Council of Asharqia Chamber  of Commerce, Abdul Rahman bin Saleh Ataishan, stressed that Saudi women increased involvement year after year in trade and economy, besides that it presents an evidence of her success and progress, making her a major bet in the field of the national economy, pointing that the strategic plan Asharqia Chamber starts from is including the provision of new and innovative services for Saudi women that will meet their needs in the current economic stage.
        This comes in the context of Asharqia Chamber preparations for the launch of the fifth edition of the women economic forum, titled ,the power of effect  to lead the change, from November 23 to 24, which comes under the patronage of the wife of the Prince of the Eastern Province, Her Highness Princess, Abeer bint Faisal bin Turki, in the Sheraton Hotel in Dammam.
    Al Ataishan, said that the organization of the Forum by Asharqia Chamber is to enhance the role of Saudi women, whither  a working woman or business woman in the national economy, pointing to the urgent need to repeat such forums and conferences regarding the economic role of women, reviewing her steps and needs towards an effective participation in the national economy, also they are platforms to raise awareness and publicize the experiences of others in the Arab framework, regarding  the most important challenges that can be faced, so by highlighting  how to deal with these challenges at the hands of experts, specialists and businesswomen from previous experiences.
    For his part, Secretary General of Asharqia Chamber, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel said that there are intensive continuous preparations by the administrator of the Forum working group, to welcome the students participation of specialists and interested in of feminist economist affairs in various Arab countries, pointing to the rise in the number of participants  in this year forum.
       Al Wabel explained that the Forum, patronage of the wife of the Prince of the Eastern Province, and held for the fifth time, focuses beside the reality and the future of Saudi women in the national economy, the most important platforms and strategies through which women can improve her efficiency on both personal and professional levels.
        He noted, that the Forum is a serious opportunity to take advantage of businesswomen experiences in choosing the means of self employment and business pioneering, pointing that the Chamber is always offering support and advice through its varied channels to improve Saudi women in work and business management, by urging them to find an improvement and modernization mechanisms in production and creativity.

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