• Al Turki: the problem of unemployment is the youth attitude of employment and lacking of skills


    In the evening titled "Rawabi program, youth empowerment"  in Asharqia Chamber  
    The head of Rawabi Holding Group Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Turki stressed the need that the student in his educational stages  to choose the path that suits his wishes and moves to achieve his aspirations in any specialty he can be creative in.
    Al Turki in the evening organized by Asharqia Chamber represented by the center of social responsibility in the main headquarters the evening of Wednesday, November 9, 2016 titled "Rawabi program, youth empowerment " within successful experiences of a series of community responsibility, that Rawabi Holding is one of the pioneers of the industrial movement in the region and has more than three decades of experience and is characterized by in providing services and products to the oil and gas, petrochemical and marine services and specialized construction, electricity and manufacturing in the Kingdom and the Middle East.
    Al Turki said in the evening, which was attended by a number of businessmen and interested figures that what distinguishes Rawabi  as a family company is that they follow a governance policy through the establishment of the Family Council and through the official channels of communication that separates ownership from management completely, noting that the governance system helps to ensure our continued success by encouraging the efficient use of resources and enhancing the sense of responsibility.

        Regarding the company vision in the field of social responsibility is that our vision is to be the pioneers in charity work passing the business requirements through active participation in the sustainable improvement of the communities in which our work is involved, but our message go in line with the vision of Rawabi Holding and its message, based on its basic business practice we will complete the vision of the social responsibility through: the involvement of the beneficiaries, and focusing on the urgent improvement needs, and to work with transparency, morals, and following the international best practices, pursing to achieve alignment between the interests of Rawabi and the interests of our communities and the international community as a whole.
    Al Turki explained that by believing that the private companies have a major role in the international economy, the group has improved a plan to launch an integrated social responsibility and is linked to international and local progress plans program.
    Social and developmental participations pour into four basic paths that are Rawabi program to invest in the community, Rawabi program to youth empowerment, Rawabi program to serve the socity, Rawabi program to spot the social and environmental performance.

        He also pointed that in 2011, youth empowerment program was launched and as the message of social responsibility in Rawabi Holding is based on the involvement of beneficiaries and focus on the urgent improvement and work within a framework of transparency and morality needs we have chosen the subject of youth empowerment that we studied how to depend on personal interviews and through identifying the most important social issues that we can adopt.
    The starting point of the analytical study shows that the basis of the unemployment problem is the attitude of the youth employment and skills shortages that increase the need for training them. The study provided solutions to many of the most important: to change the way young people think of their time in schools so as not to get shocked when they enter the labor market.

     The study showed that some young people lack the guidance in their community, the study suggested finding a career guidance program that helps in the understanding of their abilities and evaluating themselves so we decided to choose a program of self choice, and here I found the need to create a positive social transformation in society, as Rawabi Holding works on empowering  young people between the ages of 16 and 24 through a program of self discovery, which is designed to help young people to discover their talents and skills through a journey of self contemplation through three main programs: Rawabi exhibition to discover the professions, Rawabi program for  job training, and Rawabi program for professional guidance.

     Al Turki pointed that Rawabi as a kind of solutions has launched Rawabi exhibition in 2011  to discover the professions to be an annual exhibition for two weeks. The morning was allocated for school visits and includes government and private Saudi and international schools of all provinces, but at evening it is open to all, and the exhibition presents a valuable opportunity for young people where they will meet experts from different fields to help them in making decisions and planning for their careers through three stages: Discover yourself, discover chances, and find out your future, it also presents tools to help young people in career planning and the proper personal evaluation, also listening to the success stories.
    The exhibition mainly depends on the volunteer efforts of counselors and experts. We have attracted hundreds of experts from companies and organizations, especially the youth who participated experiences so that they can recognize more about careers and jobs available to them.
    He also stressed that the exhibition witnessed a big attendence of young people and the great interest in its events and was visited by nearly 40,000 visitors during the first four years, and 26,000 visitors in the year 2015, also 75,000 have benefited from the exhibition through the social media means during the first four years and 54 thousand beneficiaries through social media means in 2015.
    In the end, Rashed bin Abdullah Al Rasheed honored the evening guest Abdulaziz bin Ali Al Turki with memorial shield.

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