• Al Belawi as the Chairman of the Business Council of Asharqia Chamber Branch of Khafji and Al Quwai as a vicar


               The Business Council of Asharqia Chamber in Khafji has reselected Muhammed Suleiman Al Belawi as the chairman and Fahdi Obaid Al Quwai as a vicar, in a meeting of the Council the evening of Tuesday, February 14, 2017 in the headquarters of Asharqia Chamber.
    The meeting headed by Belawi reviewed most prominent topics that are in the business sector, as the Council discussed the visits and hosting the officials and specialists and the activities to discuss the challenges facing the business sector in Khafji and improve the appropriate solutions that contribute to support economic activity in the province.
    The Council reviewed at its first meeting for the current year a number of aspects of the business sector in the province, in addition to the formation of competent teams to study the challenges facing the economic sectors, and  approving the schedule of meetings for the current year 2017.

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