• Al Ataishan: We reformulated our steps accordance the new economic plans of the kingdom vision 2030


    In a public meeting of  Asharqia Chamber
    The number of  the Chamber participants is more than 52 thousand in 2016

             The head of the Board of Directors of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan stressed that 2016 the launch of Vision 2030, in order to
    present a radical transformation in our national economy system, based on the diversity and sustainability of the human element concepts, which requires of us the board of directors and the executive, to reformulate our steps with the new economic plans, the Chamber provided ideas and approved initiatives and welcomed the delegations and experts in various fields and set up forums and programs of all kinds and goals, and opened the doors of discussion and dialogue about the vision and means of supporting and how to participate in its success, noting to the speech of the public meeting last Tuesday, March 7, 2017 in the presence of a number of board members and a big number of participants of the Chamber and a representative of the Ministry of trade and investment Mr. Muhammed Al Khudair that the number of participants of Asharqia Chamber at the end of the fiscal year 2016 is up to 52.1 thousand.
    Al Ataishan presented his thanks and appreciation to His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Prince of the Eastern Province, for supporting Asharqia Chamber and the business sector of guidance and support of His Highness, praising his keenness to take care of the private sector and to stand next to him, and open up more prospects for work and investment in front of him.
    He also praised the government departments and agencies which have continued with the Chamber in various events and organizing events, and collaborated with them to respond to the recommendations and proposals, being a help for the sector to achieve many of its programs, and supportive of the message and goals.
    Also he appreciated the role of the Chamber interacting with the participants of initiatives and projects, praising the roles by the Secretariat of the Chamber in which all employees of the Chamber and the staff males and females employees who stood up to achieve the Chamber message and achieving strategic goals.
     Al Ataishan in his speech mentioned the achievements of the Chamber  in the past year to the cooperation between the Board of Directors of the Chamber and its General Secretariat and executive department and all the Chamber sectors to the work plan, the participants of businessmen and businesswomen service, and the development of business environment in the region, raising the performance of the national economy.
    For his part, the Secretary General of the Chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel reviewed the report of achievements and services over the past year and said that the Chamber had in 2016 to prepare more than 50 study and research and economic reports, and a working paper specialized, and more than 30 economic report on trade relations between the Kingdom and a number of countries, and more than 10 visuals for various economic topics.
    In terms of legal consulting services in 2016 Consultations (512) beneficiaries, of which (289) telephone consultation, and (223) to consult a personal presence, and (261)cases by the Chamber, protests settled (237) the cause of them, and looked in (10) business cases and settled (3), ended 23 out of 36 arbitration cases.
    As for the services Asharqia Chamber of the Employment Center Al Wabel explained that the Chamber represented by the recruitment center set up (4) meetings, in collaboration with a number of facilities, and the number of job seekers participating in these meetings about (6500), student work, and the number of participating institutions at meetings about (18), as (1469)were  briefed  and job opportunities.
    The Chamber also held a number of forums, meetings and seminars, most prominently: meeting the Minister of Labor, and His Excellency the head of the General Ports Committee, and meet with the Minister of Housing, and to meet with journalists and informatics in 2016, in addition to the forum investment opportunities in Qatif and transforming family business into a stock, the Forum for trucking companies and its role in the national economy and being a meeting place for small and medium institutions, women economic forum in 2016, the Employment Exhibition 2016. productive families 2016 (Sanati), the ceremony of the eastern region in Eid Al Fitr, the annual ceremony of the businessmen of the region 2016.
    The Chamber also provided over the past year 495 consulting for small and medium institution, varied between financial, administrative and marketing, technical consulting, and many of the programs, lectures and training courses that support small and medium institutions in the Eastern Region sector development, such as the organization of (the program how to start a small business, and the decimal Partnership, and lectures of financial management in the small branches of the branches projects in provinces of Al Khafji, Jubail, Qatif), as the number of training programs made by the small and medium institutions development Center graduates (80) trainees, in addition to supporting women in small and medium institutions and productive families by (4) short training programs and specialized to help them with their projects and observing them step by step under the supervision of qualified trainers to offer such programs.
    As for the number of trainees in Asharqia Chamber Services Training Center in the center over the past year (1057) trainees, as the number of executed training days to about 288 training days for (48) training activity.
    Regarding the support for women economic activity, Al Wabel talked about  presenting the Businesswomen Center in 2016 more than 420 information service in the fields of economy, small and medium institutions and in the feasibility studies, in addition to  organize (30) and a specialized workshop and the number of beneficiaries of lectures and seminars and workshops (9825) lady.
    Regarding the international relations, foreign delegations in Asharqia Chamber has witnessed over the past year to organize more than 42 meeting and a visit to businessmen and businesswomen in the region with the coming of the various countries of the world in 2016 trade delegations, businessmen in the region in the  mutual Saudi business councils (foreign - Arab ), as the Chamber has organized (4) catalogs exhibitions of different countries. In terms of partnerships and collaboration with government agencies, private and international institutions, the Chamber  held partnerships with the cooperation of many agencies and local and international institutions for the development of the eastern region and its business community. This was followed by informing the members of the General association of Auditor Ernst & Young report, and then followed by the start of deliberations, discussions and the conclusion of the association.

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