• Al Ataishan: The Asian tour of the King supports the progress of the national development and it is a feature of Vision 2030


            Chairman of Asharqia Chamber, Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan, said that the tour of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to a group of Asian countries, is of great importance, supporting the progress of the national economy development and the Kingdom Vision 2030, seeking to activate investment partnership with various countries of the world, pointing that considering Asian countries economically as it is classified the fastest growing in the world, has a proof that the kingdom is heading in the direction towards being the ideal example in the region.
    Al Ataishan stressed the positive effect that it is expected that this tour will make in improving the Saudi Asian relations to enhance and improve the relations on all political and economic levels, particularly in the light of economic transformation the country is witnesseing, expecting the outcome of this visit as several investment agreements, and to enhance the amount the of
    strategic partnerships through several economic promising executive programs, especially since Asian investors and others are well aware of the extent of the investment that they can achieve as a result of investment in the Kingdom, which is confirmed in general increase in foreign investment recently.
    Al Ataishan, said that the Kingdom is in the process to reduce its dependence on oil as a resource and diversify its economic base, also aims at the diversification of investment and commercial partnerships with various countries around the world, pointing to the tour in 2016 to the United States and Europe and other tours, which aim to enhance the ties and attract new investments to the Kingdom, pointing that in exchange for these tours, the foreign companies are looking forward to have a role in the Kingdom plans in reshaping of the national economy plans.

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