• A specialist: 1.1 billion kilometers is traveled yearly by trucks to deliver goods to customers


    Held on Wednesday in Jubail in the Chamber branch
            Asharqia Chamber organized in collaboration with the Middle East training Logistics Institution, the morning of Tuesday, November 1- 2016 an awareness lecture titled (safety in road transportation) targeting supervisors in the road transport sector.
        The director Amir Al Baradnah discusses the lecture to be held at 10 am on Wednesday, November 2 at the headquarters of the Chamber branch in Jubail several topics: the importance of the application of safety systems, safe driving and its role in reducing accidents, and how to deal with the transportation and storage of dangerous materials, and the importance of training in raising the performance of the drivers and their response to emergencies, and a program to inspect trucks, the  effect of stress on increasing the number of accidents.
        Al Baradnah the trucks in the shipping sector and road transportation drive nearly 1.1 billion kilometers yearly to deliver goods to customers, or to guarantee the reservation and the continuation of the operations in the Kingdom, which equals travelling 75 times around the world every day. To make trucking safer it is very important to look closely to the performance of the drivers and supervisors by ensuring the safety of flights, and local and international safety standards in road transportation.
        He also said that recent reports have shown that accidents in the Kingdom results in 24 deaths and 50 of physical disability
    and wounds a day, in addition to that the Kingdom is the most prone to accidents because of the huge number of petrochemical companies and the big number of transfers of dangerous materials by land than any other country in the world.
        But it is possible to prevent traffic accidents, through safe driving and safety programs for the participants in this field, such as: safety program in the transportation as part of a qualification certificate, the international profession in transportation which offers strategies for reducing accidents that result in injuries and deaths, in addition to keep the goods, explaining that the program deals with reducing and preventing accidents and stating laws and regulations, strategies, and enhancing good drivers skills and the skills of the supervisors of the transport.
        The lecture showed that the return of the investment in training for drivers up to $ 17 for every dollar spent on training, according to statistics in the Arab countries.
        To make trucking safer we have to look closely to the performance of the drivers and supervisors on transportation operations, according to local and international safety standards in road transportation.
        The program aims to improve the performance of supervisors and drivers and improving their skills by raising the awareness level of their safety systems, and the definition of safety program centered on the behavior and its importance in reducing the risks, and the importance of risk evaluating in the transportation operations, how to report accidents.
        For his part, the construction sector management, transportation director Mazen Al Shamlan said that improving the performance of supervisors, drivers and improving their skills by raising the awareness level of their traffic safety systems as standard local and international safety, greatly reduces the risks and supports secure transportation of goods between the various regions in the Kingdom.
        Shamlan pointed that the transportation industry, is the main pillar that the progress of the programs of the country rely on, because of its importance and the great role and influence is clear in all economic fields, and because of the big number of petrochemical companies and the many transfers of dangerous materials in the Kingdom, so the rules of safe driving and safety programs in road transport must be obliged, it is necessary for the continuation of operations and the transfer of goods safely and reducing accidents.

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