• A remarkable Gulf participation in the investment opportunities forum in Qatif


    Lunches on the twenty fifth of February

               The  Chairman of the Council Asharqia Chamber Abdulrahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan The  forum of the investment opportunities in Qatif, which is organized by the Chamber on Saturday and Sunday (2526 / February 2017), will witness the local and Gulf participation of businessmen and women, government officials, experts and specialists, which will review a number of specialized working papers about the prospects for economic investment in the province of Qatif, also offering a number of investment opportunities in various fields.
    Al Ataishan said that the first day of the forum, held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef,  Prince of Eastern Province allocated for the establishment of a number of workshops dealing with topics related to the aim of Forum,  investing in Qatif such as (business pioneering, human resources, and the development of Business), and participating in the discussion of these topics representatives of a number of major companies and institutions in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf.
    He said that the main speaker in  the forum is the former Chairman and chief executive of Aramco Abdullah bin Saleh Juma, followed by a presentation and a working paper titled ( business pioneering) provided by the Jamal Al Akkad, and another titled (IT provided by Ahmad Abdul Jabbar, In addition, three discussions, the first discusses (investing in information technology) by Khalid Al Sulaimani, Ahmed Abdul Jabbar, Badi Al Quaisim), managed by Abdullah Al Askari, and the second (investment in tourism) by Dr. Hamad Al Ismail and Abdullah Al Juhani, and Shafiq aL Asaif, and Abdulaziz Al Humaidan) moderated by Hussein Al Muqren, while Abdulla Al Zamil offers a worksheet in another session for ( solidarity investment) and then a third discussion about the (renewable energy),
    by Jamal Kaishi, and Loai Abdul Rahim, managed by Dr. Amin Yacoub, the Forum will have a video display of a number of proposed projects to invest in the province of Qatif.                                                                                       The forum, held in King Abdullah Hall in Qaddih witnessing a private women events, the participation of both the Minister of Social Affairs, the former Omani d. Sharifa Al Yahyai that will speak of (Omani experience in the empowerment of women), while the Ambassador of the day of the pioneers Global Business Sarah Al Ayed for ( businesswomen pioneering), in addition to Asia Al Sheikh, who will present a working paper (CSR), therefor, , the women event will see a discussion titled (economic empowerment investment for women, in which everyone involved (Duha  Al Ibrahim, Sarah Al Ayed, Anoud  Al Rammah) and manages dialogues Mumenah Faoor.

    Al Ataishan said that the organizing committee of the forum is keen  to attract speakers and experts who provide ideas transformed into added  value economic projects, enhancing the prestige of the eastern region, and the province of Qatif in particular on the economic map of our country. Stressing that Asharqia Chamber has been dealing with the all new, being open to every idea In particular economic value for the Eastern region and the private sector, and that our belief in the centrality of the private sector in the overall development, and this is emphasized by the Kingdom Vision 2030, which stresses the significant role that can be played by this sector in achieving the goals of  the vision, which are the  goals of the country and the leadership generally.
    For his part, head of the business council of Asharqia Chamber branch said the province of Qatif Abdul Muhsen Bin Abdul Majed Al Faraj The investment, including industrial, commercial and service, agricultural, tourism, education and health, and varied eastern region, the importance of this forum, as a number of experts will speak and discuss a number of investment opportunities which we hope will be of added value for the national economy, contributing to the diversification of income sources, and provide jobs for young Saudis promising
    He explained that Qatif province with an important strategic location being a link between Dammam (and what it represents from an administrative and economic importance) and Jubail (which is one of the industry castles in the Kingdom), and Ras Tanura (which  has one of the  biggest oil refineries) in addition to the marine debut distinctive and economic history, agricultural and environment, all of that makes them suitable for a variety of small, medium and big projects, good investment environment, to be  a mine for a number of promising investment opportunities.

    For his part, Secretary General of Asharqia Chamber Abdulrahman bin Abdullah Al Wabel said that Asharqia Chamber is keen  for the distribution of its efforts in the areas of the eastern region, and not focusing only on the center of economic importance in Dammam and Khobar, so it has a variety of programs in Jubail, Khafji and Qatif, and this forum, which is held for the second time in the province of Qatif is one of the many activities by the Chamber, which seeks to enhance the private sector position in the national economy, and raising the level of its contribution to the overall development.
     Al Wabel said that  Asharqia Chamber has  shown a great preparation for the organization of this forum, which will be held over two days, and through a variety of sessions, some are utterly for women, and some  for men, because the province of Qatif, despite the economic history is  still carrying many promising opportunities that the private sector can contribute in activating on the ground.

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