• A Specialist: Motivation and employment are the most prominent indicators of success in beauty salons


    ​In a workshop organized by the Asharqia Chamber

    A Specialist: Motivation and employment are the most prominent indicators of success in beauty salons​

    The Director of Business Development at L'Oréal Middle East, Lodina Al-Hajj, explained that beauty salons in the Saudi local market are entering a new phase, which requires them to first develop their internal environment and makes a comprehensive change in the pattern of a relationship with clients, given the presence of additional activities in this sector, and the situation requires them to be carried out. Such as retail trade and the provision of certain treatments according to specific controls.​​

    Al-Hajj said that the success in the performance of beauty salons is represented in the internal work environment, periodic follow-up, and evaluation of performance levels, stressing that the present time has become a catalyst for salons to add these new activities and that salons communicate with customers, and reach them, not waiting for their arrival.

    She added during a workshop organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Women's Workshops and Centers Committee yesterday, Wednesday 9/16/2020, that many developments have taken place in the Saudi workshop market, after the cautious return to the mandatory halt caused by the Corona pandemic, and this has positively reflected on several levels in salons, so the focus has become more on Issues of prevention and avoiding infection and the like, as there are new trends in the provision of services in salons, and many changes witnessed by this activity, which now needs new regulations and regulations that deal with all these developments, which we are waiting for issuance from the concerned authorities, so the issue is only a matter of time.

    During the workshop titled (Indicators of Success in Beauty Salons) and moderated by the Chair of the Women’s Workers and Centers Committee, Shuaa Al-Duhailan, she added that the way to achieve success in this field requires the application of several criteria, the most important of which is “motivation, training, and employment.” She called for a comprehensive plan to make the working staff feel With job security, listening to the views of each one of the staff in developing work, and notifying them that success is up to them in all respects, and in order to achieve this requires a set of developmental training programs, especially for new workers who are required to be recruited to work in this field, and to conduct a periodic evaluation process that is done on a weekly basis. To reach a better level of performance, and be mainly dependent on customer opinions.

    Al-Haj believes that working in beauty salons is one of the technical works, which requires cooperation between all training and education bodies, in order to provide the market with more advantages. She pointed to the high level of awareness among Saudi women regarding the different professions in salons.​

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