• A Specialist: Entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to existing problems in an uncommon way


    ​During a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber entitled "Entrepreneurship"

    A Specialist: Entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to existing problems in an uncommon way​

    A specialist in entrepreneurship affairs expressed optimism for the future of entrepreneurial projects in the Saudi domestic market, based on the data of the years 2018, 2019, and 2020, during which there was a revolution in the number of projects, especially in the period of the Corona pandemic, accompanied by a high level of awareness and understanding of them by society, which promises to happen A quantum leap in this regard, with investments estimated at billions of riyals.​

    ​And during a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Small and Medium Enterprises Center through direct transmission technology Monday 28 / December / 2020, entrepreneur Saleh Ba'arma said that the term entrepreneur is different from the term businessman, as entrepreneurship is to provide an innovative solution to a specific problem that exists and is not old. Treating it unusually, and this is what the local market has witnessed in recent years. Many employees in the pioneering projects have become pioneers and have established their projects according to other foundations and different solutions, and some of these projects have become a competition that has gone beyond their geographical boundaries.

    He added that the entrepreneurial idea is that even if it is studied in detail, certain points have not been covered, and therefore the risk of it is high, as it is an idea that has not been tried before, and thus differs from traditional ideas that are the product of many experiments, and it can be studied and the error rate is reduced or risk it.
    Hence, the task of the entrepreneur - according to the lecturer - is to discover new and bold ideas and innovative and unexpected solutions and to have more flexibility to monitor errors, address deficiencies, and exploit opportunities, and this requires the availability of several skills, which can be acquired by experiences and practice, or maybe available if he is a pioneer Business ready and originally educated.​

    Ba'arma believes that the most needed skills are: First, the ability to deal with numbers, read and analyzed, and then assess the situation through it, and see if the project is successful financially, or on the way to the loss. The second skill is creative thinking in solving problems with the best results and least losses, and the combination of the two skills (analysis of numbers and the ability to solve) makes the entrepreneur immune to many problems, especially as they occur daily, and require the ability to analyze the situation and develop the best solutions.
    Another skill required for an entrepreneur is the ability to organize time and coordinate tasks, which gives more productivity and wider progress and thus reduces problems, and this is done according to the assessment of priorities at work (the most important thing).
    In this regard, he overwhelmingly emphasizes the issue of knowledge, experience, and similar experiences, and the desires of clients and customers, as well as knowledge of the mechanisms that are dealt with in projects.
    He concluded by saying that entrepreneurial thinking deals with a deep view of the data and has a deep study of it, so they present ideas that cause a kind of surprise to the customers, but after the passage of time conviction occurs, especially if the owner of the idea believes in his idea and follows the various details of its implementation.​​

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