• A Specialist reviews the investment opportunities to fight the red palm weevil


    In a lecture in Asharqia Chamber

    Eng. Abdul Muneim Ben Ali Shawwaf in Date Palm Center in Al Ahsa reviewed  investment opportunities in the agricultural sector represented in the establishment of centers for the treatment of seedlings by immersion in each region and in accordance with the terms and conditions required by the process as a measure of organizational internal quarantine to allow the transfer of seedlings between areas, and it includes practical immersion of seedlings to be transferred to one of pesticides to ensure they are free of the red palm weevil injury when transported.

    Al Shawwaf said in the lecture  that was organized by Asharqia Chamber on Monday in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in the Eastern Province titled (the importance of internal quarantine to limit the spread of the red palm weevil) After an introduction of the  damage and the risk of the red palm weevil that the Ministry of Agriculture  is aware of the importance of changing the strict quarantine and which allow the transfer of seedlings is strictly prohibited and turn it into a partial in order to avoid the multiple strict quarantine disadvantages , most notably: low economic returns to farmers, gathered seedlings under the palms, which strain the palm moms, and also considered appropriate for the injury environment, in addition to the difficulty of the checking procedures by  the technical examination, as the ones against the law are expected to increase because of the lack of means for the trading of the seedlings. Shawwaf said in the lecture, which was headed by the vicar of the agricultural committee in the Chamber Hussein Al Dossari, that this measure will allow farmers and citizens to transfer and circulation of seedlings legally and systematically with punishing violators of the system, said Shawwaf that the Ministry of Agriculture carried in the 2016 change of internal quarantine measures to become a possibility to allow the trading and transfer seedlings and issuing temporary certificates of origin contracting areas with the contractor to apply a special mechanism immersion (immersion) according to the mechanism approved by the ministry.
    Al Shawwaf  talked about the stages of the mechanism which requires the farms in the first stage cleaning and processing to be tested by the technicians, the ministry which can with the discovery of the injury easily if they advanced in this case is disposed of by peaceful means, and in the case of not seeing the symptoms of the second phase which is treated with the Alphipprunel pesticide concentration of 0.004% for a period of 30 minutes with constant stirring, so as to eliminate the decay phases, if any, (eggs and small larvae)
    Al Shawwaf reviewed the procedures related to obsolete immersion seedlings a regulatory and administrative procedures, and the technical dowsing and the procedures relating to the one in charge. At the end of the lecture, the spokesman was honored with a memorial shield.

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