• A Lecture to explain the Saudi arbitration system in Asharqia Chamber


                Asharqia Chamber organizes a public lecture for Men titled (the explanation of the Saudi arbitration system) in the main headquarters on Sunday, February 26, 2017.
     dealing with the lecture delivered by the former Judge  of the Board Hassan ibn Ibrahim Al Asaif after Maghreb prayers directly  about the new updates to the system will also  discuss with explanation and analyzing several topics including: the formation of the arbitral tribunal and the arbitration agreement, and the powers of the tribunal, and the nature of the competent court and arbitration procedures, and the fees of the arbitrator, and how to evaluate them. The lecturer will review the records of legal duties, and the moral imposed on the arbitrator and the conditions of the isolation and the response, as well as cases of assessments for the cancellation of the arbitration award, and what are the legal authentic rule of arbitrators and how to end the execution procedures.
    The legal specialists and those interested to attend the lecture where he held in Al Jazeera Hall.

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