• (Basics of accounting in small and medium projects) in the branch of Asharqia Chamber in Jubail



               Asharqia Chamber represented by small and medium institutions Development Center concluded on Monday evening, the program (the basics of accounting in small and medium projects) in the branch of  the Chamber in Jubail.
    The aim of the lecture, that was managed by the Assistant of the College of Jubail Dr. Muhammed Al Sadani, to study accounting and practicing it, and the patterns of intelligent human beings (the right person in the right place), and accounting rules for small and medium projects, the basic concepts of an accountant and an accounting concept, and functions of accounting, the basic terms in accounting, how to succeed as an accountant .
    The lecture  reviewed the problems as they are not in numbers, or in the accounts, but in the behavior of  the individuals and groups, and in the understanding of the people and influence in them and changing their behavior.
    The accounting is a profession and not a theortical to understand the processes but  it is the practice of making relationships and managing the feelings of employees and their expectations, and any solution to the problems starts from the management of the emotions and expectations, not of numbers management and operations.
    In conclusion the head of the business Council branch in Jubail Mishari Al Aqaili honored the lecturer with a memorial shield.

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