• ​Tuesday's meeting for Businesswomen reviews the development prospects of Saudi women​


    ​Tuesday's meeting for Businesswomen reviews the development prospects of Saudi women​

    The Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Business Women Center, held a monthly Tuesday meeting for businesswomen in the region, via remote communication, on the day before yesterday, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, under the title "Developmental horizons ... for Saudi women", during which it hosted the Assistant Director General of the Ministry of Human Resources and Development Branch The Social Development Sector for the Social Development Sector in the Eastern Province, Ms. Ibtisam Abdullah Al-Humayzi, and the meeting was moderated by the Director of the Businesswomen's Center in charge, Ms. Hanan Al-Wabel, and witnessed a wide participation of the region's businesswomen.

    Al-Humayzi reviewed, during the meeting, a number of axes and services provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Eastern Region Branch, with the aim of promoting community development and supporting the non-profit sector in light of Vision 2030 AD, explaining the mechanisms for registering a civil society, and how its electronic procedures are conducted, and also highlighting the developmental areas in The eastern region, which can enjoy the participation of women through the establishment of specialized associations, and pointed out that the new system of associations and civil institutions covers many areas that were not previously covered, such as education, research, culture, entertainment, health, environment, social services, development, housing, and many others.​

    Al-Humayzi stressed that Saudi women receive generous care, encouragement and great support from the wise leadership, which paved the way for them to launch in many areas of development, and indicated the pivotal role that Saudi women can play in the non-profit sector, which is a fundamental pillar in achieving a vision The Kingdom 2030 AD, and it is one of the main pillars of the development process and an effective partner in the comprehensive development renaissance in the Kingdom​.

    Al-Humayzi said that women today are in front of a sector that opens its arms to those who care about it, pointing out that in the near future the results of the non-profit sector will appear on the ground, represented by the creation of an ideal society, blessed with specialized associations and creative initiatives that have their social and economic goals, and have also her own vision for the evolution of society.​

    Al-Humayzi explained that the strategic goal of supporting the growth of the non-profit sector is its development, increasing its diversity and its ability to influence, to become one of the pillars of the economic and social environment in the Kingdom and a supporter of the government support system and a source of jobs, in addition to achieving sustainability and its deep social impact, enhancing its role in innovation and providing its services with quality. High, by building an advanced system through which the sector works.​

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