• ​"The economy" the most prominent model of economic journalism in the Gulf in support of the Vision 2030​


    ​Specialized academic study

    "The economy" the most prominent model of economic journalism in the Gulf in support of the Vision 2030​

    A recent specialized academic study confirmed that the economic press played a major role in supporting the programs and activities of Vision 2030 launched by His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, and the study titled "The Role of Economic Journalism in Supporting Vision 2030" examined a number of special topics In the economic press in general, it includes its tasks and requirements, as it focused on "Al-Eqtisad" magazine published by the Asharqia Chamber, in support of this vision that embodies and represents the ambition of the state and the people in Saudi Arabia.

    The study presented to the Faculty of Arts at Imam Abdulrahman Al-Faisal University in Dammam was monitored and prepared by four students in the Department of Communication and Media Technology, namely "Abeer Al-Ghamdi, Ahwan Al-Asmari, Belqis Al-Ameri, and Shaima Al-Dayel", under the supervision of Dr. Majida Suleiman, and headed by Dr. Basma Al-Ghanim, Head of Communication and Media Department at The Faculty of Arts, the most prominent contributions of "Al-Eqtisad" magazine in the economic field, as researchers sought to learn about the role of economic journalism in supporting Vision 2030 during the time period from April 2016 to December 2019.

    The researchers identified four sub-objectives of the study, which are: Monitoring the central ideas employed by the Saudi economic press in support of Vision 2030, analyzing the journalistic forms used by the economic press in support of the vision, uncovering the role of economic journalism in developing economic awareness of the goals of the vision, and evaluating the role of economic journalism in Draw the basic picture of the country's future and what it wants to reach within a specific period of time. All of this is applied to “Al-Eqtisad” magazine through analytical reading of the materials published in the magazine and monitoring its contribution to supporting the vision project.​

    The study reviewed the history of the magazine "Al-Eqtisad", noting that it is "the first magazine in the Gulf to focus its attention on the economy, presenting the news and explaining its dimensions to its readers, as it was able to be a voice for the Saudi economy in general, and for the business sector in the eastern region in particular, and it is the first to adopt development The economic development with regard to oil, and it continued its development as it adopted development plans for Vision 2030, explaining that it has completed more than 50 years in its journalistic career full of accomplishments until it became a reference for what is going on in terms of events, facts and economic situations in the Kingdom, and this is what prompts us to return to its ancient history and learn about details ".

    The study reviewed the history of "Al-Eqtisad" magazine and said that it "did not stop developing year after year, because, with the emergence of media pens in the world of economic journalism, and the development of the printing arts, developments occurred in them, whether in terms of production on the cover page or in its internal pages," as well as the many developments. In the content, which was presented in both Arabic and English in all issues, before the Chamber issued a magazine specialized in economics in English under the name "Saudi Commerce", where "the magazine provided a vision on the various aspects of trade, industry, economy, and business with analyzes and comments from experts to understand the current developments in the economy Saudi from its correct perspective.​

    Leaps behind the leaps witnessed by the "economy" that proved its worth and success in the economic journalistic field and its ability to continue the tender praised by senior officials in all the Arab Gulf states. "It was able to be the first destination for economic media by providing honest press materials and its commitment to professionalism free from publicity, being It is issued by an economic entity with a long history, the Asharqia Chamber. "

    The researchers reviewed the names of those who succeeded in working for the magazine as editors-in-chief or journalists and concluded by saying that “the ancient economics magazine has proven it's worth despite the progress of years and the continuous change in the staff. It has taken root in specialized economic media and has not lost its luster, despite the passage of more than 50 years since Its issuance and specialization in the economic field, and it kept pace with all economic events inside and outside the Kingdom, and documented the life of the Saudi citizen through the various professions that he had made over the past years of trade, industry, and agriculture, as well as the maritime professions for which the eastern region was famous "until it became the main reference for the economy in the Kingdom.".

    The study reviewed all the features of the vision, its objectives, programs, and the mechanism of action to achieve those goals, and its achievements, starting from April 2016 on various economic, cultural and social levels to present the contribution of "the economy" in supporting this vision that embodies and represents the ambition of the state and the people in Saudi Arabia, affirming that "the economic press was Supporting this vision since its inception, as it has disseminated information and events to all members of society about the vision and the plans it seeks to implement and achieve its goals, and whenever a goal of the vision is achieved, the specialized Saudi economic press or the economic sections in public newspapers compete to publish this achieved goal in the form of news or Reports, articles, etc. ".

    The study stated that economic newspapers have an active role in activating and achieving Vision 2030 in terms of publishing their development plans and economic reforms, introducing the National Transformation Program, and their endeavor to urge segments of society to contribute to the activation of these plans and programs aimed at the advancement of the Kingdom. Based on these data, the study reviews the analytical results of the articles published in "Al-Iqtisad" to confirm in detail, numbers, names, and addresses the extent of these materials are consistent with the vision, its objectives, programs, and plans.

    The study presented a large number of articles with the names of its book and the numbers published in it, and it monitored all the proposals raised by the magazine “Al-Eqtisad” in support of the 2030 Vision project and concluded by saying that “Economy” as a model for Saudi economic journalism supported the Kingdom’s vision by explaining and explaining the events and development of the vision. It also supported the vision with encouragement. And motivating and providing information about the executive projects proposed by the Kingdom within Vision 2030, such as the NEOM project, and it also dealt with the contents of the vision through opinion materials, cartoons, and others, and contributed to drawing the future picture of the vision.
    The study recommended the necessity and importance of providing the magazine “Al-Eqtisad” and selling it in the market, and increasing reliance on the numbers published in it because it proves the correctness and ability of the Kingdom’s performance under Vision 2030.​

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