• «Familial»: governance systems give endowments its sustainability factors


    ​    Asharqia Chamber issues the 17 edition of the bulletin «familial»

        Newly released from Asharqia Chamber  edition of the bulletin «familial», which discusses issues and news and family businesses locally and abroad .
        The new edition, including a closeup following to many of the events and activities, which focused on family businesses and governance systems, presenting Al Rajhi Endowment experience governance systems, and how these institutional systems were of the sustainability factors.
        The bulletin also focused on the importance of the political system of family businesses according to the head of the Bahraini Association for family businesses, Khalid Mohammed Kanoo, a balancement  between the interests of the company on the one hand and the welfare of the owners on the other hand, the bulletin also included a review of the most prominent events and decisions related to family businesses locally and aroad, by sheding light on the tenth conference of the companies governance and supporting the culture, which will be held in Dubai the 8th of next November, and the first Arab Meeting in Cairo organized by the Arab Organization for administrative development of The Arab League , and made recommendations of the importance of spreading the governance procedures and the need for community participation in the fight against corruption.
        The bulletin presented a model for the experience of a pioneer Lebanese  family in business, has been able to reduce the risk of generational succession in the institutional system, a "Commercial  Insurence", founded by "Roger Zakkar" in 1962 the company, and made a remarkable reputation for itself in the commercial insurance industry, and also set an example in the planning succession of generations, putting a defined path to family members when joining the work at the company.
        The bulletin also mentioned the efforts of the Saudi Stocks (Tadawul) in order to improve the governance of the small and medium institutions, looking forward to a new stock market in the beginning of 2017.

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