• "Self-employment" is an ideal option for transforming Saudi society from "consumption" to "productivity"


    ​A workshop organized by the "Asharqia Chamber" in cooperation with the "Social Development Bank"

    "Self-employment" is an ideal option for transforming Saudi society from "consumption" to "productivity"​

    The Director of the Women's Department at the Social Development Bank, Fawzia Al-Qahtani, emphasized the importance of free economic work, as it is one of the most important means of combating unemployment, reducing the social and economic problems resulting from it, contributing to transforming society from a consumer society to a productive society, achieving sustainable development, and contributing to the manufacturing industry. Reducing the percentage of imports, supporting national exports, and reducing the economic burdens that the government bears in supporting members of society, all of which is explicitly adopted by the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

    This came during a workshop organized by the Business Women Center in the Asharqia Chamber in cooperation with the Social Development Bank on Monday evening 11/23/2020, as she explained that self-employment is an activity that combines all available elements such as equipment, productive means, labor, and technological methods in the process of producing a good or service. Noting that there are benefits that this work achieves on the individual level, including independence in decision-making and freedom to work, in addition to profits, improvement of the social level, and then professional stability, in addition to the personal skills that the worker acquires in this field.

    Despite all these advantages that characterize self-employment, the lecture pointed to several challenges that face the worker in this regard, including the various daily pressures, the ambiguity of the future, and the randomness that accompanies this type of project at the beginning.

    It reviewed several factors required for an entrepreneur, who walks the path of free work, including the project's compatibility with desire, ability, and opportunity, and the idea of the project that meets a need, has a market, has a competitive advantage, and so on.​

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