• "Hadaf " reviews a number of programs to support the recruitment and training of the national workforce



    In Tuesday meeting in Asharqia Chamber

                  General manager of the human resources Development " Hadaf " of the Eastern Region Branch Fund, Muhammed Bin Ali Al Dakhil, a number of programs offered by the Human Resources Development Fund, " Hadaf " for the recruitment and training of the national workforce in the private sector,
    Al Ali said  in the  monthly Tuesday meeting, organized by Asharqia Chamber and was held on the 7 th of February, amid the presence of  head of the Chamber, Abdul Rahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan, and the Secretary General, Abdulrahman bin Abdullah  Al Wabel, and a number of businessmen in the eastern region and interested and specialists in the main headquarters of  Asharqia Chamber that the Fund vision is the national productive and stable workforce and that the fund message aim to improve the national workforce and raise the competitiveness of the employees in the private sector by supporting training, qualifying and employment of specialized that meet the needs of beneficiaries through qualified human cadres and developed systems and systematic information knowledge and research integrated programs.
    Al Ali said that the Fund is working to  handle the percentage of the salary of the hired or trained in the private sector, and the employer pays the remaining percentage of his salary, and the Fund handles it in accordance with the programs, conditions and systems that are necessary  to be payed.
     Al Ali, counted some of the programs provided by the Fund for the training and employment of the national workforce of young men and women in the private sector, such as: the associated employment and training program, which aims to recruit researchers for work in the private sector enterprises under labor contracts through direct employment and support mechanism external training for unqualified. As well as additional support program of  salary and that the fund contributes through this program in supporting the new employee salaries facilities located in the platinum and green scopes as well as a very small green plants (9 employees or less), for up to 4 years and raise support for the monthly salary to the roof a limit of up to 4000 four thousand riyals per month.
    Al Ali also  pointed the Fund contribution to increase the employment opportunities for women employment in the private sector through a number of programs that aim to increase these opportunities and what works on women labor stability, and from these programs Program (teleworking), which aims to take advantage of modern technology and other available means by private sector projects in the recruitment of women and persons with disabilities and increase access to these energies to work remotely without the need to bother to go. As well as support the work of women in the private sector projects through training programs, employment, to support the three years in certain areas such as shops selling women  necessities and women work in factories and in accordance with the rules regulating this program.
    Al Ali  called for taking advantage of the training programs and the various qualifying supported by the fund, such as training support program in non profit institutes linked to employment, which aims to qualify specialized cadres in rare specializations and are required in the private sector, and professional certification program and provided by the Fund to encourage and stimulate the national workforce and business organizations and job seekers to  improve their professionalism  with certification professional ( approved) to develop their skills and expertise  that are specialized and required in the labor market  field, where the fund to compensate the beneficiaries of these certificates materially from the costs of training and testing fees after obtaining the trainee professional certificate. There is also a drop site, which was launched specifically by the Fund in order to help students and jobseekers and those seeking to improve their careers.
    In the context of the benefit from the electronic services provided by the Fund, Al Ali pointed to those interested and specialists in human resources to take advantage of the free services provided by the Saudi portal for human resources, which will enable them to perform their duties in a professional manner. And also benefit from the National Portal for Employment ( Taqat), which aims to bring together all interested parties to the labor market in one place.
    And within the scope of the incentives provided by the Fund for job seekers to motivate them to stay on the job at the facility, Al Ali pointed to the incentive job stability training is an incentive prompt for employees settled with the same facility after a year of employment to have as the Fund provides a material incentive to employees equivalent to a month salary, including not more than 4,000 riyal and a training program of no more than the cost of SR 5,000 for the first year and in the event of the employee two years of work at the same facility complete gives the employee two months salary do not exceed 8,000 riyals and training program does not exceed the cost of 10,000 riyals, provided that the employee on the job at the same facility if the disbursement of these incentives.
     Al Ali  expressed his willingness to receive  suggestions of the private sector representatives that aim at supporting the training and qualification and then employing Saudi youth, pointing that it does not stop at hiring some extent but there are following up of the facilities benefiting from the support fund through unannounced visits and other scheduled to make sure commitment controls support them.
    At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber, Abdul Rahman bin Saleh Al Ataishan, presented a memorial shield to general manager of a branch of human resources Development Fund " Hadaf" of the Eastern Region, Muhammed Bin Ali Al Dakhil.

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