• "Asharqia Education" presents its plan to improve the investment of National and foreign education


    Within A Workshop in Asharqia Chamber  


           The supervisor of the Office of National Education in the Eastern Province ( the former head of the department of national and foreign education ) Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Sleem, stressed the importance of improving and supporting investment in national and foreign education, pointing to improtant formal decisions in support of this planning.
    He said in a workshop organized by the Education Committee of Asharqia Chamber  on Monday October 24, 2016 that based on  the informations of repeated meetings and consultations with the owners of the national and foreign schools shows the need for more coordination between the government authorities with each other and between them and the owners of the national and foreign schools, therefore the idea of ​​forming a committee under the name of the investment committee of civil education support and foreign mission was launched to support and encourage national and foreign education by facilitating the necessary procedures and overcome the difficulties that may face the development of services given to investors in this field.. referring to his Royal Highness the Prince of the Eastern Province approval of the suggestion and the need to begin to implement it.
         He noted that there has been a formation of the Committee, headed by General Director of Education in the Eastern Province and the membership of all government  authorities, including permanent representatives starting from a representative of the civil defense department in the Eastern Province, and a representative of the region secretariat, the Labor agency, and finally a representative of the Education Committee of East Chamber, in addition to membership representatives from government authorities invited in case of needing them, including a representative of the income and Zakat, the human resources Fund, a representative of the general institution for social Insurance, and a representative of the Ministry of Commerce.
    Al Sleem said, speaking in front of a number of owners of  national schools, including members of the national education Committee in the Chamber that the goals of the Committee is to review and record the criteria for investment in national and foreign education issued from all represented parties in the mentioned committee, such as the conditions and standards of education and the requirements of the municipality, and the requirements of civil defense, and work agency systems, as well as to the views of investors and regarding that.

       He added that among the missions and activities of the suggested committee also is to do a review and facilitate the mechanism for issuing national and foreign schools and languages institutes, national centers of educational and training supervision, by raising the standard of coordination between all concerned authorities, and the establishment of (TheInvestor Guide) which includes all the requirements and procedures and standards related to investment in the national and foreign education, and releasing it on the website of the General Adminstration of Education in the Eastern Province (Office of national Education icon), and organizing programs, meetings and activities that support existing investors and attract new investors, and  studying and overcoming the general obstacles facing investments in the national and foreign education, so to support the benefit of investors in  national and foreign educational institutions owned by the private sector and for public investment in municipality and by facilitating the procedures and conditions related to that

    Al Sleem pointed to the suggested steps to prepare the Committee and the mechanism of its work, starting by holding workshops involving a group of administrators and supervisors national and foreign schools Office of Education owners to study the performance and requirements of all official Committees that arerelated to invest in national and foreign education, as well as the study of the obstacles the investors face with these authorities.
        For his part, Chairman of the Education Committee of  
    Asharqia Chamber  Khalid Al Jwairh said that the subject of the Committee and participating in it, and hosting a workshop in this regard was essential in the discussions of the Committee in its last meeting, that  was allocated to discuss the work plan for next year, with what suits the terms of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

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