• With the exception of Dubai GCC Index raise collectively


    With the exception of Dubai, GCC Index raise collectively 


    The Kuwaiti stock exchange yesterday continued to rise, supported by a marked increase of trading volumes and values, followed by the stock exchanges in Abu Dhabi and Doha, Manama, Muscat, Dubai stock exchange fell, hurt by fallout from the decision to impose restrictions on margin lending operations.
    Dubai continued to decline..
    On DFM declined for the second straight session and second in the New Year, after a strong start by the market last weekend, the beginning of the New Year trading, where the index fell by 1.13 percent at 3428.06 points, but still at its highest since October 2008. The market fell today after the decision to impose new restrictions on margin lending operations and stressed the purchases on margin is licensed, which ran their AMS particularly that a large part of the market is trading on margin.
    Values and decreased trading volumes, it did not exceed the value of the trades the 802.15 million dirhams, after recently over billion dirhams, while sizes 458.49 million shares, indicating continued profit-taking with the market cohesion, especially after the significant gains achieved during the past year, the region's markets. And Emaar shares led declining shares of real estate; a sector index declined 1.36 percent after down arrow by 1 per cent. The banking sector fell by 0.98 percent, with Dubai Islamic Bank shares fell 1.84 percent.
    In Abu Dhabi, in contrast to profit of Dubai..
    Abu Dhabi General Index rose for the sixth straight session, with the support of the banks ' shares and communication, the index closed up 1.65 percent at 4,548 points, maintaining the standard levels in the last five years' worth of trades exceeded billion. The banking sector index closed up 2.83 percent, with Bank shares rising 4.18 percent, National Bank of Abu Dhabi 5.26 percent, and made the Fujairah ' arrow building materials ' highs market by 13.33 per cent, as export shares ' bit ' relapses by 8.45 percent.
    Optimism on Doha..
     For the third straight session continued the Doha market general index rising powers by 1.13 percent at 10784.49 points, amid optimism prevails in the market with the support of the Financial Secretary and the direction of Prince Tamim bin Hamad, to get subscribers in petrochemical company currently on the dividends for the last four months of the year 2013 amid expectations of rising profits in 2013, compared to the previous year which reached 1.6 billion. Reflected optimism on trading of 17 million shares, compared with 13 million shares Tuesday, dropped to 770.4 million riyals compared to 900 million. Targeted market level of 11,000 points, and perhaps surpassed in the coming weeks. And support for high mass ascent market sectors, particularly the ' insurance ' by 4 per cent, and the connections by 1.36 percent, and the ' real estate ' by 1.27 percent. Stocks issued «Qatar insurance» by 5.26 percent to 44.8 reais, and then «investors» by 4.5 per cent to 55.2 reais, after trading more than 1.7 million shares worth more than 99 million, followed by a «civil» about 4.21 percent to 59.4 reais.
    High liquidity of the Kuwait stock exchange..
    Continued its Kuwait today rise supported by a significant improvement of the liquidity in the market, as the General index up 0.74 percent at 7607.71 points, the value of transactions to exceed 35 million dinars, up to 9.2 million by 35 per cent, compared with today, as trading volumes rose to 376.8 million shares, up 46.6 percent from yesterday's trading, indicating improved market performance for the second straight session and the second during the dealing of the new year, and flow Marked to market liquidity. And market share rises 7.8 percent to close at 69, and the shares ' in stock ' Petro Gulf oil manufacturing most active trading volume amounted to 73.5 million shares closed up 79 cents, was the  interests ' most market declined by 5.3 per cent to close at 89 cents.
    Coherence in Manama..
    Manama Souq also continued to rise Tuesday by 0.13 percent to close at 1250.03 points, the index which was trading 674.68 thousand shares, and trading volumes dropped markedly, with trading volumes exceeding 674.68 thousand shares worth 154 thousand dinars, compared with four million shares worth 546.8 thousand dinars. Industry led the market higher, led by shares of aluminum Bahrain ' Alba ', up 1.9 per cent to close at 0.5235 dinars. Declining stocks topped the Al Salam Bank down 0.73 percent to 0.136.
    Muscat contrast expectations..
    The MSM index continued to rise in height today by 0.48 percent after record slightly yesterday to close the General index at 6931.91 points, bolstered by high indices of industrial and financial sectors rose 0.54 percent each, while the service sector less rise 0.22 percent. Recorded a turnover of 8.9 million circulations of 22.9 million shares, trading in shares of 58 company's rose 26 and seven, with fixed rates of 25 companies' Hassan engineering arrow ' Led trading market in trading of 3.5 million shares of stock and up 1.1 percent at 0.2651 real, stocks ' United finance ' by 4 per cent to $ 0.156, issued shares retreating shares ' Oman ' sweets by 4.26 percent at 0.900.

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